Gene Dickerdorff

Capt. Larsen

Apr 20, 2008
I know, it's Deckerhoff, but I lived in St. Pete for 22 years, and had to put up with that banshee, so we all call him "Dickerdorff."

This may piss some Buc fans off, but I can't stand the guy!! Never could.

What's the deal?? He's the absolute worst announcer in history. The nasally SOB is constantly blowing calls, and because he does FSU games on Saturdays, he frequently calls out Seminole players names during Buc PBP!!!

When the Glazers revamped the organization, with new uniforms & Ray-J, I was praying that they'd get a REAL PBP guy! I get the Field Pass here in KY, and when the wife wants to hear the Buc game, I always opt for the opposing cities broadcast.

One of these days, the way the old fool screams, he's going to go the route of his old partner, Dave Logan.......On the air!</span>