Foreign countries caste system


Dec 9, 2004
Have you noticed over the years how some countries now have more and more blacks participating in a variety of sports.England has become more black when it comes to track,boxing and soccer and France is doing the same thing.A good many of their sprinters are black now,but since the 90's their national soccer team has really gotten dark.I remember the heyday of Michel Platini and Dominik Rochteau,but now that has changed.Black French boxers are pretty noticeable as well.Very white Canada decided that they couldn't compete in the sprints,so now,with some exceptions like Nic Mac,they have mostly Jamaicans in track.The Cubans must have some strict rule to only allow blacks in boxing,track and basketball and to a certain extent baseball,whites compete in "white sports." There are other countries in Europe like the Netherlands and Sweden where you see more black athletes competing,particularly in soccer,what with their forced immigration and all.I'm starting to wonder if the American blueprint of the caste system is starting to catch on in other countries.


Nov 25, 2004
I can see that pattern as well. It reflects the social and political dynamics ofthose countries as many become more socially liberal and politically correct. The same formula that created the caste system in America is now at work in many foreign counties. However, there is a window of opportunity to reverse the caste sytem if the world looks to Russia and the Eastern European countries. These countries are yet to be infected by immigration and the accompanying social liberialism, and their dominance in sports is shining at the moment. Unfortunetly the US media has given those athletes as little attention as possible. One would think that a white heavyweight boxing champion would be a household name, yet most people don't have a clue who he is. Edited by: Kaptain Poop


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Jan 9, 2005
The Deep South
Kaptain Poop, those are good points, and ones that I agree with. As these countries brainwash their citizens more and more, you will see this trend continue, unless people of good sense stand up and try to change it like we are here in the US.