Farve Retiring?


Hall of Famer
Jan 19, 2007
Don Wassall said:
icsept said:
The vacillating doesn't bother me at all. It's mostly the idiotic media which blows the speculation out of proportion. I think he really intended to retire two years ago and legitimately changed his mind. He definitely doesn't want to attend mini-camp and he doesn't need it. Ultimately, it would benefit cf's interests for him to return. The Vikings feature significant white defensive players who benefit from a good offense. And, if Toby gets an opportunity, I want Brett Favre at quarterback. The only argument for Favre's retirement is that we could watch T-Jack fail miserably. But, he's already a proven dud.
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<div>I agree.  I think this annual rite is kind of funny actually.  The media used to pester Favre five, six, seven years ago with questions about when he was going to retire.  Maybe this is his way of getting back at them.  </div>
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<div>I'll be sad when he does retire for good.  He's an all-time great and what he did last year at the age of 40 was sensational.  </div>

Ditto here.