Dwight Clark

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
It's just come out that Dwight Clark is suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease.

For all the times we've discussed White receivers from the 1970s and '80s, for some reason Dwight Clark has gotten short shrift as he was one of the best in the league for several years. He went over the thousand yard mark in 1981, with 85 catches for 1,105 yards. He had 991 yards in 1980, but 1982 was his best season as he had 913 yards in that strike shortened season. Each team played only 9 games that year, so his 913 yards over a 16 game season translates to over 1,600 yards if he had kept up that pace.

Clark had a fairly short career but ended up with over 500 career receptions. He was 6'4" and about 215 pounds; today he would probably be asked to beef up and play tight end.

He's best known of course for making "The Catch" -- Joe Montana's fourth down desperation throw to the end zone that completed a 28-27 comeback win for San Francisco over Dallas in the 1981 NFC championship game.

Best wishes to Dwight Clark as he battles ALS.


Mar 16, 2013
Good point Don in all the discussions about wide receivers last year even here at CF Clark got overlooked. Maybe the shadow of Montana obscured the fact that Clark was one hell of a good receiver. That catch in my mind was the greatest catch in the history of the NFL. Not in terms of difficulty even though it was right up there the way he snared it leaping out of mid air on the dead run, but in terms of significance. Devastating disease named after a man who defines the word character.

Earl of Sandwich

I've been a Niners fan since childhood. Clark is my hero.
I met joe Montana at dreagers supermarket Menlo Pack, he shook my hand..he was both gracious & modest.
Two qualities lacking in these young braggadocious thugs who won't stand for our national anthem..


Jul 23, 2015
Clark never receive the credit he deserved from sports writers covering the ACC . He was a clutch receiver for the Clemson Tigers. He is never mention among the top receivers that played in the league .


May 1, 2015
Sadly, I think the end is nigh. I had no idea he had ALS. Just terrible news. I was privileged to see his catch live (on TV) back then in that memorable game.

Dwight Clark just wanted to see his teammates once more.

Odd that I was thinking about both ALS and Parkinson's earlier this morning when I was out getting coffee, thinking that those are diseases that one can get at anytime compared to MS where there are no documented cases (from what I've read/heard) of anyone over 40 years of age being diagnosed with it. Odd random thought to have and then stumble upon this article later on in the day.