Dustin Fox got screwed by Vikings

Apr 22, 2005
According to Drafdaddy.com:

Dustin sat out all of the 2005 season, after sustaining an injury very early
last summer that was expected to be healed by opening day or soon
after. Instead of the coaching staff taking until the final cutdown to check
his progress, they placed him on injured reserve immediately. In our
opinion, that was a huge waste of a 3rd round pick. It was almost like the
front office used a high pick on the kid, but the coaching staff didn't want
him around -- after only a handful of practices?

Personally, if we were Fox's agent, we would've told the Vikings he's not
taking a "redshirt season"....No way! NFL players are allowed, by rule, to
ask for their release if they have been placed on injured reserve, but can
prove they are close to healthy enough to play. Had he done that in 2005,
there is no doubt a number of NFL teams near the bottom of the
standings in 2005 (49ers, Packers, Jets, ect.) would've snapped him up in
a split-second on waivers early last season and fit him onto their team in
some way -- special teams, nickleback, ect. Basically, by allowing the
Vikings to IR him last season with a non season ending injury, he allowed
Mike Tice and his coaches to throw away an entire season of his career.
The average NFL player only plays 4 seasons, so that not insignificant.


Apr 14, 2005
Mike Tice strikes again. Thank god that worthless son of a you know what is gone. He couldn't coach a lick and treated guys like Fox like complete sh*t(besides the IR deal moving him to safety, are you crazy).