David Sills

Feb 11, 2016
As most of us agree here Sills was the biggest 2019 draft snub by far. Its early in camp but he allegedly is turning heads and seems to have a huge underdog fan base growing.
I don't know a lot about qb Josh Allen but despite being revered as having a huge arm I have heard many bad comments about his accuracy. All the other Bills wr's in camps are smurfs ( including Cole Beasley ) so Sills at 6'3" is probably going to blossom with Allen at the helm.
In other good news undrafted wr , Nick Easley out of Iowa is turning heads early on at camp as well. It would be nice to see Cole B., Sills on the opening day roster and maybe NE on the practice squad.

Don Wassall

Staff member
Sep 30, 2004
Robert Foster (6' 2") and Zay Jones (6' 1") aren't smurfs by any stretch. Cole Beasley and John Brown are. Those are the top four Bills receivers going into training camp. If he isn't cut Sills will likely go on the Buffalo practice squad, where any other team will be free to claim him but probably won't. Maybe the Patriots or Vikings will pick him up.

A lengthy racial apprenticeship -- as indicated by him not being drafted despite having ideal NFL size, college production, and football intelligence -- would seem to be in the cards if Sills ends up getting any shot at all. Some talented White players get screwed by the NFL more than others, with outside receivers ranking near the top. As always I'll hope for the best as there's no question he can be of great benefit to a team.