David Beckam

white lightning

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Oct 16, 2004
David Beckam is more popular than even MJ in his prime.
Only in America is he not a household name.He is one of
the top 5 soccer players in the world and can bend his
kicks better than anyone.They have a movie about him and
he is worshipped everywhere.They even have a buddah
statue of him in Asia.I don't understand how he has
acheived such a Cult Status but it probably wouldn't
happen in the US.The white stars of almost all the major
sports are mostly ignorred and looked down on.Very sad.

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
I plucked this out of the "Other Sports" archives in regard to Beckham:

"I'm no fan of soccer, but when Sports Illustrated ran a feature article last week on English soccer player David Beckham, I read it with interest. Why? Because Britain is very much like America in that "political correctness," including worship of black athletes, is also the official orthodoxy there and I was curious how that country's most revered and publicized athlete was a white man in this day and age.

"According to the SI piece, Beckham "is undoubtedly earth's most talked about sportsman, more Madonna than Maradona, a (mostly) silent oracle whose all-purpose celebrity transcends race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation and sports itself. . . 'Whereas Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are respected, Beckham is loved, adored, worshiped in some parts of the world,' says Ellis Cashmore, a Staffordshire University professor who has written a book, 'Beckham,' on the effect. 'He has an almost godlike status.'" [emphasis in the original]

"How did Beckham come to "transcend race, gender and sexual orientation"? Because he's "politically correct" in the extreme. "Being a gay icon is a great honor for me," Beckham is quoted as saying in Sports Illustrated, even posing "suggestively" for the cover of a British homosexual magazine last year.

"On race, it turns out Beckham is one-fourth Jewish, and because he often wears his hair in cornrows and likes "chunky jewelry," a British TV show dubbed him "an honorary black man." On feminist issues, Beckham wants to someday open soccer schools for girls and boys. "I say it's important that girls get involved in sports."

"Mystery solved!"