Corruption,Fixing and Bad Officiating in Football.

Oct 24, 2012
Sepp Blatter admits that he's witnessed deception of draws in front of TV by heating or cooling the balls

This article, published by the Swiss newspaper "Blick", has cited Blatter admitting that draws in football have been swindled by either marking the balls or heating/cooling the them. In particular he refers to how he's witnessed "an Italian" swindle at a draw for an European competition. However he soon denies ever having cheated, since he never draws the balls himself.

Original Source:

«Natürlich gibt es warme und kalte Kugeln»

Kann man bei der Turnierauslosung tricksen, obwohl Millionen am Bildschirm zuschauen? Warme Kugeln, kalte Kugeln? «Ja!», sagt Ex-Fifa-Präsident Sepp Blatter.

«Ich habe es mit eigenen Augen gesehen, wie geschummelt wurde. Es ging um einen europäischen Wettbewerb. Nur einer hat das gekonnt. Es war ein Italiener. Man kann die Kugeln, die gezogen werden, kennzeichnen. Oder man kann sie heiss machen, wenn sie vorher gekühlt wurden. Ich war Zeuge.»

Er selbst habe dies nie getan: «Ich habe nie Lose gezogen! Andere Präsidenten haben das gemacht. Sie haben die Kugeln selbst aus den Topf genommen. Ich war sauber bis zum Letzten.»

In einem Interview mit der argentinischen Tageszeitung «La Nacion» distanziert sich Blatter auch von allen Korruptionsvorwürfen: «Ich habe nie gegen das Strafgesetz verstossen. Ich habe ein ruhiges Gewissen.»

Laut einer Fifa-Untersuchung sollen sich Blatter, der frühere Generalsekretär Jérôme Valcke und der ehemalige
Finanzdirektor Markus Kattner in den letzten fünf Jahren um mehr als 79 Millionen Franken bereichert haben. Blatter: «Ich war sprachlos, als die Fifa diese Meldung verbreitete. Die publizierten Summen stimmen nicht. Sie sind, weil sie nicht klar zugeordnet werden, irreführend. Bei meinen Boni-Zahlungen ist alles fair und sauber gelaufen.»

Er sei ein gefragter Mann, halte Vorlesungen. «Ich bin ja eigentlich immer noch Fifa-Präsident. Ich bin nie abgewählt worden. Das ist meine kleine Genugtuung.»

Und über sein Leben sagt Blatter: «Ich arbeite, ich kann nicht anders. Ich bereite meine Verteidigung vor dem internationalen Sportgericht vor.»
Oct 24, 2012
A short post on corruption in Croatian soccer which forces the supporters to indulge in vandalism,hooliganism.

Who is behind this carnage?

In short, extremist football club supporters ('hooligans', 'ultras') who are unhappy with how the Croatian Football Federation (hereinafter FF) is run and the (supposed) corruption within are behind the hooliganism,violence. They don't like the leadership with whom they are at war for years now. What happened today during the match against the Czech Republic was an attempt at trying to force their way, embarrass the Croatian FF officials and incite outrage in the football world. By doing so, they hoped to disqualify the Croatian national football team from the EURO competition. They think this (amongst other things) would force the people they want to step down to step down.

This is not the first time they've done something like this and they are adamant to continue until their requests are satisfied. You might remember Croatia being punished/fined/disqualified 15+ times in the recent years due to disturbances such as this one (riots, clashes with the police, racist chants, pitch invasions, etc). Especially prominent was the swastika mowed into the Split stadium field a night before the EURO 2016 qualifier match against Italy.

Again, it is important to understand that these are not random acts of boredom or drunkenness; they are planned and precisely orchestrated to further an agenda.

Who specifically in the Croatian FF is the problem for them?

Mainly, Zdravko Mamic and Davor Suker.

Zdravko is the de facto director of the Croatian FF and Dinamo Zagreb football club.

Davor is the formal president of the Croatian FF and a member of the UEFA Executive Committee.

Shortly, the two most powerful characters in the world of Croatian football; they are also very good friends and can often be seen together.

Zdravko is being accused of setting up unfair player contracts, bribing referees (to remain the first-ranked team in the league), tax evasion and money laundering (through using offshore intermediary agencies owned by his family/friends for player transfers), ignoring supporters' wishes to participate in the club decision making (this is a bit complicated and out of the scope of this post), and interfering with the Croatian national football team. Some media outlets have published this picture of Zdravko giving instructions to the coach Ante Cacic before today's game the match against the Czech Republic. Some people claim he is the decision maker of who gets to be the coach of the national team and which players get to play.

Further, Mamic is criticised of putting financial profits before sport results by selling hundreds of millions of euros worth of players (Modric, Corluka, Mandzukic, Eduardo da Silva, Sammir, Halilovic, Kovacic, Pranjic, Badelj, etc) without having appropriate replacements. Zdravko defends his position by saying that 'his' football academy produces players of great value and that he props up the Croatian economy by paying millions in income tax.

Related background information: Dinamo Zagreb is the biggest, richest, and strongest football club of Croatia. It consistently outclasses league rivals, wins Croatian championships, and participates in European championships. Many great Croatian players started their careers in Dinamo. Some people praise Zdravko Mamic and his managerial skills for the club's success. Others despise him and say that his accomplishments are fuelled by corruption and political ties. Many claim an end of his era is approaching as more investigations take place (see section below).

Subsequently, the club (Dinamo) is seen as the transition point between Croatian meagreness and European superstar clubs; the general sentiment being that if you are a player and you want to succeed, you have to go through Mamic (and possibly his contracts).

Davor is similarly accused of corruption and being a right hand to/of Zdravko.


How most Croatian footballers are rich bonded-laborers:

Lovren used to play for Dinamo Zagreb. Dinamo Zagreb is owned by Zdravko Mamic. Mamic makes players sign unfair "slavery" contracts so that they have to pay him % of his paycheck even when they leave Dinamo. Even Luka Modric has to take something like 25-30% of his paycheck and give it to Mamic. Usually all this is hidden from the public, but some players decide to resist. Good example is Eduardo, who didn't want to give 40% of his salary to Mamic anymore and made his story pubilc. So far we know that Mamic is corrupt piece of ****.

As stupid as it sounds Mamic also owns Croatian national team and gets to pick who is coach and which players will play. So Croatian coach Ante Cacic gave a lot of chance to Dinamo Zagreb's young players. Lovren didn't like not playing and he called Cacic on his ******** and said something like: "Those young players from Dinamo don't deserve that much playing time, and they are only playing because it will boost their value (playing in a team with Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic & co.) so that Mamic can make more money when he sells them to European teams." Cacic and Mamic didn't like that so Lovren isn't playing. Good example is Croatian Euro squad. Remember Alen Halilovic? One of best Croatian young players with amazing potential? Well he isn't going to Euros, because Mamic already sold him and can't profit with him playing. Instead Marko Rog, Ante Coric and Marko Pjaca (all 3 Dinamo players) are included in squad, because they "deserve chance and are showing potential", but the truth is they are going to Euro 2016 to increase their value, so that Mamic can sell them for more money into better club where they will get a bigger salary, so that Mamic can take bigger cut.


But why Violence?

Last year the fans, together with some representatives in our parliament drafted a law concerning sport (specifically football) which was based off of laws in other western countries like germany and portugal. This law was meant to reorganise the Czech Football federation in such a way that criminals like mamic could never be part of our football ever again. In this law were written things such as that nobody who has a criminal record can be part of our FA, that clubs have to make financial reports public every year etc. This law was voted for in our parliament and is in action as we speak, BUT the scum from our FA, with support from ruling party, decided that this law doesn't apply to them and that they won't abide that law. And that's where we are today, they refuse to make changes to the FA, and the government is protecting them by not enforcing the law that our parliament enacted!

PS:Apologies for the lack of citations,but most claims can be easily confirmed by a simple web search.


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Jun 22, 2011