Clyde Hart

white lightning

Hall of Famer
Oct 16, 2004
Clyde Hart the track coach at Baylor won the coach of the
year in the United States today.Hart who is 70 years young helped coach 20 year old Jeremey Wariner to the
Olympic Gold Medal in the 400 Meters.Wariner became the
first american white to win a sprint medal in the olympics since the 60's. One of the main reasons for this was the fact that Coach Hart does not look at the
color of ones skin to recruit kids to run track.Coach
Hart admitted that most coaches,schools,media,and people
in general think that blacks have a genetic edge.Clyde
Hart disputes this as garbage.He has been coaching for
40 years at the highest level and he should know what
he is talking about.There again,another example of how
the black superiority stereotype exists in every sport
and how white kids are not allowed to try out.They are
discouraged and directed into other sports like tennis,
baseball,etc. Coach Hart is one of the last of a dying
breed of coaches.We need more like him.
Oct 16, 2004
If Wariner and Rock keep it up from last season (Rock did get his gold in the 4 x 400), and Potter and Steele come back, more coaches and runners will step forward. It just takes a few to give others their cue. Then again, you can SEE the NFL tells teams to tone it down if a white guy excels in a 'black' position. The powers that be in track are no different, in fact, they're ... cut from the same cloth. Oh, they'll allow one or two here or there - just to be able to say the exception proves the rule. But we know the real deal.