Brandon Stokley

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Sep 30, 2004
I was surprised not to find any threads about Brandon Stokley in the Colts forum. For those who remember the 2004 season, Stokley was a star, going 68/1,077/10. In a 15 year career on five different teams, that was the only season he was "allowed" to show off his talent, never surpassing 635 receiving yards in any other season.

2004 was also the year Drew Bennett was as unstoppable as I've ever seen a receiver be other than Patrick Jeffers with Carolina in 1999, when Billy Volek was throwing to him, including an NFL record 8 receiving TDs in a three game stretch, among them a 200 yard+ performance on Monday Night Football. Bennett led the AFC in receiving yards that year, and like Stokley was never again "allowed" to star, in no small part because for most of his career his QB was Steve McNair, who was a huge dropoff from the "scrub" Volek when it came to passing ability. As I recall, crusty Jeff Fisher had some contrived beef with Volek and he was run off the Titans, undoubtedly to placate McNair and the locker room. Fisher had a brief moment of rebellion against the constraints of the Caste System in the mid-00s on both offense and defense and then spent the rest of his mediocre coaching career doing penance for his brief blasphemy.

I couldn't find any decent highlights of Bennett's great '04 season, but did find this video of Stokley's ten TDs in '04, including catching Peyton Manning's then record breaking 49th TD pass of that season. Finding highlights of White NFL receivers from even a decade ago is pretty much impossible.

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Dec 1, 2006
I remember it like it was yesterday.... i actually saw Drew Bennetts 200 yard game live on TV back in 04. I was amazed at how effortlessly he would glide past the DBs. He was spectacular.


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Jul 20, 2018
Nice video of Stokley! Last I heard he was coaching at Christian Valor with Ed, I wonder if he followed him up to Northern Colorado ?