Blacks and speed in College Football

Keith Lincoln

Oct 5, 2008
New York
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After reviewing the 40 times from various combines listed on, one can conclude if you are black, not matter how slow you are, you
get a D1 FBS scholarship. Colorado offered CJ Westbrook a WR with a 40 time of
5.1 . Yes , 5.1. Stanford offered Chuck Doe an 190 lb possible linebacker who
also has a 5.1 . CB seems to be the position where speed is most important. But
Maryland offered a scholarship to Samuel Knott who was measured at a scorching 4.96 for the 40. </span>Marte Sears a safety with a 5.03 40 received
an offer from Arizona. Utah, a top 10 team, offered Reggie Umolo a 5'10 190lb
RB with </span>a 4.92 40 a scholarship.
Tenessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma State and Arkansas all offered scholarships to Terrell Williams a
safety with a 4.91. Ok State likes those black speedsters so they also have a
commitment from Carlton Richard a safety with a 4.89 time. Shaun Lewis a 5'11,
188 4 star prospect had a 4.87 combine 40 time. But that didn't stop Texas,
Alabama, and Oklahoma from offering scholarships. Darius Lewis a WR has an
offer from Florida despite his 4.87 40 time. Oklahoma is loading up on team
speed getting a commitment from Jazz Reynolds, a WR with a 4.83 . Texas will
have speed to burn in their backfield after getting a commitment from Patrick
Nkwopara a 5'10" 200 lb RB with a scorching 4.75 40 time. Not to be outdone,
USC offered Dietrich Riley a WR with a blazing 4.8 40 . Corey Nelson an 180 lb
RB with 4.77 speed has already received offers from Florida, Oklahoma, Kansas
and Texas A&amp;M. Darius Lewis is an 180 lb WR , who already has a Florida offer
and who gave 4 stars ran 4.86 40. So if there was ever proof of the
caste system these statistics provide it. </span>

Edited by: Keith Lincoln

Keith Lincoln

Oct 5, 2008
New York
I had a discussion with another white football fan about the incredibly slow 40 times of many blacks who are offered scholarships for skill positions at the nation's top programs and conferences. He said maybe these times were their "slow" times. Although I don't know much about combines, it is my understanding the reason combine times are considered more legitimate than other 40 times is everyone involved is running under the same conditions on the same track and I assume are electronically timed. I thought I had a decent understanding of how much discrimination whites face in football . But this information just blew my mind. What are the chances a white who is timed in the 40 in the 4.9 to 5.0 range would be offered a scholarship to a major program at a skill position. Maybe one in 100 trillion. Don, I would love to hear your opinion on this..


Hall of Famer
Nov 19, 2006
Ontario Canada
I had a similar post to this last year that we discussed. The Nike Combine has seemed to have some strange times from highly recruited players. Rex Burkhead, who is a white RB, ran a 4.82 40 as a Jr. at their combine and still had several Division IA offers. Rex recently ran an electronic timed 4.46 40 yard dash at another combine this year and last year was running in the 4.5-4.65 range when he was timed elsewhere. Martin Ward a top black RB prospect from last year ran a 5.0 40 somehow.

But I do hear what you are saying; some of these players that get to run the ball in Division IA are only running 4.8 40s. Brandon McAnderson of Kansas last year, who the NFL deemed too slow by the way for HB and too small for FB, ran a 4.9 I believe. Laron McClain is a FB, but ran a 4.88 at the NFL's combine and is still running the ball for the Ravens some this year from the fullback spot.

If you are a white kid you have to run "at least" a 4.6 to have any shot to run the ball at all in Division IA as a tailback and that's if you are from a big football state and have some serious hype. I've seen ESPN describe various white running backs as "lacking a second gear" and say "is more of a good football player than a positional prospect" when they are running sub 4.5 40s. The double standard is incredible; Tom Luginbill just will not acknowledge that a white guy is a good RB prospect no matter what records they shatter in h.s or how good their measurables are or how much their film stands out.

I think things are getting a little better though; in the past you would have to run a 4.3 to get a scholarship in division IA as a HB if you were white and have absolutely ankle breaking moves; things are a little better, but the amount of white prospects on Division IA's radar is still very low and many coaches still won't recruit a white RB.


Mar 2, 2008
Westwood, California
Assuming that blacks are more athletic than whites is like when you assume that the hamburger you order from the clown's face will look the same when you pull up to the window as it did in the picture next to the speakerbox.
Jun 2, 2007
Outside North America
I think the "justification" is that they have "natural speed" that they are "blessed" with. The reason they have a slow 40 is that they haven't trained at that particular sprint enough. Of course, if a white RB runs a 4.7 at a camp, he has reached his max time, because he automatically grew up in a rich HS, privileged with the best coaching and training.

Typical baloney from football PTB. I will agree that 40 times are largely a product of training, but the assumption that all whites have it down to a science while black players are "raw potential" is inconsistent thought at best.Edited by: FieldThrower


It's not inconsistent thought, Thrower but rather total garbage. Training AND genetics play a large role in 40 times. You'll notice how the media always promotes the idea that a White athlete with a great time is some kind of workout warrior with the training knowledge of a mad scientist. Remember the big deal about Adam Archuleta's training when he posted phenomenal numbers? His natural athleticism was totally downplayed and it was as if he was a product only of his training.

Ted Ginn Jr., on the other hand, is considered a "raw" talent with his good 40 time. The media (as far as I know) hasn't once run a story about how he's been training for speed with a specialized coach since he was about 11 or so. We're lead to believe he never even works out and just puts up good numbers with out even trying. More smoke and mirrors from the media to perpetuate the myth that blacks are better athletes.

Don Wassall

Staff member
Sep 30, 2004
Bill Russell used to complain that fans thought that he was a naturally born great player because he was black, rather than giving him credit for how hard he worked (and he did). That was 40 years ago; Caste mythology is very deeply ingrained in the public psyche.


If I'm not mistaken, Isiah Thomas has spoken about the issue as well. Of course, they never talk about how its unfair to whites.

It's amazing how people will totally disregard what they see with their own two eyes when they internalize these myths. There's a video on YouTube of a white wrestler (forgot his name but he's one of the best, now making a name in MMA I think) against a black. The black wrestler had the edge for a couple of moments and then the white dramatically slammed his opponent to the ground.

One of the dorks commented, "That black guy was gonna kick his ass but (insert name here) outsmarted him".

No jackass, he out-muscled him. It was one of the most direct and blatant examples of one grappler outperforming, overpowering his opponent that you can imagine and yet this person honestly believed that it had to be his superior intellectual skills rather than his superior athleticism that allowed him to pull it off.Edited by: Latspread
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