Anthony Sherman

Jul 19, 2014
Probably the biggest surprise of week 17 was KC's Fullback Anthony Sherman receiving the bulk of the Cheifs carries vs Denver! Sherman ended with 14 carries for 41 yards and a TD while catching 3 receptions for 21 yards. He looked damn good doing it too showing off his powerful running style breaking tackles, and showing some burst with decent enough speed!

Anthony Sherman whos in his 7th season after being drafted in the 5th round of the 2011 draft by Arizona. Sherman played Fullback for UCONN during his college career, and ended with very modest numbers of only 17 carries for 61 yards and another 48 receptions for 477 yards with a TD. So he was clearly drafted for his blocking abilities, and soft hands to catch passes in the flat as a safety valve.

Sherman's nice game, makes one wonder how in the hell did Sherman'skills as a runner go unnoticed by UCONN, and KC?? Short answer big , stocky Whiteboys who play RB are forced to switch positions to FB.

While some Fullbacks like the 49'ers Kyle Juszcyk, Packers Aaron Ripkowski get some chances to shine, FB's are there to make the RB's job easier.

I had no idea KC valued Sherman as a ball carrier so who knows what will become of this showing. Perhaps he goes to back to solely blocking, maybe he becomes a TD vulture FB and takes goal-line duties who knows. Hopefully KC will use Sherman as a legit RB going forward and add him to their rotation. However Sherman's so good at lead blocking I see him staying as the Chiefs starting FB, but actually is giving some goal-line/short yardage carries.

The NFL is a funny league man, out of all the white RB's/FB's who are routinely ignored, a guy who was never even a ball-carrier in college gets a chance.
Anyways what do y'all think about his mystery performance let me know.

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
The Chiefs were locked into their playoff position so the outcome of the game against Denver had no effect on that. Starting RB Kareem Hunt was rested after one carry, of the backups one was inactive because of illness and the other one went down early in the game, leaving Sherman as the only running back left. It was a Week 17 statistical anomaly unfortunately, not the beginning of Sherman being used as a runner.

white is right

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Feb 16, 2006
If Rip didn't get any carries(less a few garbage time totes) after looking like a decent closer type running back last season, there is no way Sherman is going to be anything but a last resort emergency running back.

Seeing a fullback getting tailback work isn't that new, back when Heath Evans was a fullback for New England he toted the rock in an emergency situation and looked like a serviceable runner and he never really got extra carries when the regular tailbacks were healthy.

PS, if you want to see what lengths team go to sign a retread tailback look at who the Chiefs signed as an emergency tailback. Spiller has been shot for at least 2 years now...
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