Al Haymon allegedly made a sex tape with a transsexual

Charles Martel

Hall of Famer
Mar 14, 2007
Respected boxing writer Mark "Scoop" Malinowski wrote this article about Al Haymon, the most influential man in boxing.

In an astonishing story posted at Jacky Jasper's gossip news site which gets in the vicinity of a 250,000 hits daily, boxing kingpin Al Haymon is alleged to have manipulated the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez world title fight. The devastating revelation was made by a "tipster" who supposedly has inside information about a love tryst/relationship between the infamous boxing powerbroker Haymon and a Vegas-based she-male pornstar named "TS Foxxy."

According to the source who Jasper asserts is completely legit:

"I used to secretly date him (Haymon) and I’m sure other girls did also. Anyway, Al has boxing on lock! Al Haymon agreed to pay Canelo an additional $5mil if he took it easy on his prize fighter. Not to say Canelo would’ve won for sure, but Al didn’t want to take any risk after Manny Pacquiao got knocked the hell out. So how do I know this happened?"

You'll have to read the sordid details at Jasper's site to learn more:

The tipster also said about Haymon:

"He doesn’t like media attention or cameras. One of the reasons he’s so secretive is he made a sex tape with a Tranny porn star named Foxxy. Foxxy had no idea he was recording it. Foxxy also had no idea who he was. That’s why he stays out of the spotlight, ’cause a lot of women and men he had sex with might start talking."

I spoke with Jasper on the phone last night and he said his lawyers are currently in talks with Haymon's, in an effort to pull the story. Jasper, based in Los Angeles, also said that he has some big information on Mayweather but he would not disclose any details, which may be worth multi-millions to keep under wraps.

Perhaps Haymon and Mayweather are entangled both professionally and personally far more intimately than anyone could have possibly imagined. As they say in boxing..."Anything is possible..."
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