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Oct 3, 2008
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The NY Jets are an awful Caste Team, that from year to year averages amongst the fewest White players and the fewest wins. Another year of the portly Douglas and Lebanese Muslim regime, but this time with sky high expectations that were crushed in the 1st quarter of the first game when Rodgers was hurt. Now that the future HoFer is out for the year, there isn't much of anything to get excited for. Let's see how little:

Total White Athletes on Roster (Starters in bold)
12 or 13* Whites total, with 4 starters. Grade: F-

QB - Zach Wilson, Tim Boyle
FB - Nick Bawden
TE - Tyler Conklin, Jeremy Ruckert
T - Max Mitchell
G - Wes Schweitzer
C - Connor McGovern, Joe Tippmann

S - Ashtyn Davis* (1/4 or 1/8 black?)

K - Greg Zuerlein
P - Thomas Morstead
LS - Thomas Hennessy

IR - Aaron Rodgers (QB)
PS - Chris Glaser (OL), Zach Kuntz (TE), Austin Seibert (K)

This is a deplorable team. The biggest story is Zach Wilson getting another chance for Rodgers. Most people and media have already written him off but the Jets seem to have no other choice than to give him time to develop. Hopefully Rodger's tutelage has paid off and will continue to be a positive influence. Wilson has all of the tools, just needs to put them together. Of course, the porous offensive line is like a 2 ton weight around his ankle. 4/5th sumo, the tackles are especially putrid. The 38 year old Duane Brown should be nowhere near a starting position, yet here he is with the Jets. His blown block lead to the Rodgers injury. Wilson will be running for his life more often than not. Beyond Wilson and the lousy line, the Jets have a human battering ram, errr I mean fullback Nick Bawden. The similar name makes me think of former Florida State plantation master Bobby Bowden, who once laughed at the thought of allowing a White athlete to play running back. He'd like this Jets team...... Anyway, Tyler Conklin had a solid 1st year with the Jets. His ceiling seems to be in the 500 yard range with 3 TDs. Maybe he can break that glass ceiling. Ruckert was drafted to be the TE of the future and will hopefully play alot more than his rookie year.

The defense has zero White players on the 53 and none on the PS either. This regime simply does not allow Whites on its defense. That has to be intentional, as even other terrible squads have a token White. The closest thing to a token, is safety Ashtyn Davis who we've determined is 1/4 or 1/8 black some time ago. Maybe the DWFs consider him White since he appears so in uniform. They might have to take out their anti-White animus on him since there are no lunchpailers to blame.

I'd like Wilson to have a really good season but for the Jets to lose as many games as possible. I won't be watching these putrid stinkers, even though they are always on as a local team.
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Jan 16, 2022
I believe that Wilson is a lame duck who is the victim of caste narrative and will be benched soon. I would like to be proven wrong.