2023 Jacksonville Jaguars


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Oct 3, 2008
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The 2023 Jaguars, though improved from the days of "Black" Jack Del Rio, are still a heavily Caste team. Here are your 2023 White Jacksonville Jaguars (spoiler, its more of the same):

QB - Trevor Lawrence, CJ Beathard
TE - Luke Farrell
C - Luke Fortner
G - Brandon Scherff, Walker Little, Ben Bartch, Tyler Shatley
T - Blake Hance, Cole Van Lanen

DE - Adam Gotsis
ILB - Chad Muma
SS - Andrew Wingard

Special Teams - K Brandon McManus, P Logan Cooke, LS Ross Matiscik

IR: Cooper Hodges (T)
PS: Chandler Brewer (G), Coy Cronk (T), Nathan Rourke (QB), Josh Pederson (TE)

Total current White starters: 5
Total Whites currently on 53-man roster: 16
Overall grade: D-

Nearly identical to last years roster with exception of Gotsis starting and a offensive line shuffle or two. The composition of the roster is racially acceptable in everyway, which is consistent for Doug Pederson lead teams. White QB, lots offensive linemen and a few defenders with 1 as a token starter.

Talented young QB Trevor Lawrence is starting his 3rd season and really took a huge leap forward last year. With his ceiling and trajectory, he could be in the elite company sooner than later. Sadly, no Whites for him to throw to as backup Farrell has only received a whooping 4 targets so far on the season. The offensive line only has 2 blacks on the entire active roster, but of course in Caste tradition they are the starting tackles. Scherff would be the standout and he's also the answer to a trivia question. Who was the only White player drafted in the historically black 1st round of the 2015 draft?

On defense, ultra-talented rookie LB Chad Muma could become a starter some day. However, he's stuck behind a 1st round upsider who was taken in the same draft. Perhaps an RGIII and Kirk Cousins situation eventually unfolds. It a fair world, it would. DL Adam Gotsis is starting now but as a 3-4 DE he's not expected to pick up too many counting stats and he often doesn't. Andrew Wingard, who has started in the past and performed admirably, seems to be seen as nothing more than a backup and WSTD by the fervently Caste adherent Pederson.

Most weeks you'll likely cheer against this squad but out of the AFC South, you can certainly do worse for division winner.

Carolina Speed

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Feb 13, 2011
Great to see Jags OL Tyler Shatley still playing and starting today. He's from my area of NC. Watched him in HS. Believe it or not, he was a RB/FB and LB. He holds a Civil Engineering degree from Clemson. Smart young man as well.


Sep 29, 2011
Compare that to Doug Pederson who was fired only 2 years after winning the super bowl! No doubt the eagles jew owner got additional satisfaction bc Pederson is an outspoken Christian who praised Christ after winning the sb.
Thankfully from Trev's perspective he was fired. If he had been stuck under that goofy celebrity coach he might have been ruined for years.