2022 Chicago Bears


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Oct 3, 2008
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2022 Chicago Bears
The Bears are one of the most anti-White organizations in this putrid league. I can't remember the last time they had a compelling team with a decent number of White players. They don't allow Whites at any skill positions and on defense they are limited to the occasional rotational DL or backup LB. Let's hope this rotten squad goes 0-17 lead by Pepe the Frog (hat tip to LF).
Total White Athletes on Roster (Starters in bold)
12 Whites total, with 3 starters. Grade: F
QB - Trevor Siemian
TE - Cole Kmet, Ryan Griffin, Jake Tonges
T - Riley Reiff
G - Cody Whitehair
C - Lucas Patrick
LB - Sterling Weatherford, Jack Sanborn
K - Cairo Santos
P - Trenton Gill
LS - Patrick Scales

IR - Doug Kramer (OL)
PS - Nathan Peterman (QB), Chase Allen (TE), Kellen Diesch (OL), Dieter Eiselen (OL), Zachary Thomas (OL)
I'll check the box-score for Kmet and I'll cross my fingers that injuries at LB give Weatherford and Sanborn opportunities on defense. In the preseason, Sanborn was a WTM every game. The only other positive development would be for some of the PS offensive lineman to make their way to the 53 man roster at some point to Whiten that sumo unit. Overall its very bleak.
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