2018 Seattle Seahawks

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
TE - Nick Vannett, Will Dissly
G - Ethan Pocic, J. R. Sweezy
C - Justin Britt, Joey Hunt

PK - Sebastian Janikowski
P - Michael Dickson
LS - Tyler Ott

QB Alex McGough and guard Jordan Roos are on the practice squad.

So the roster has no White QBs and no White defensive players. Nick Vannett has a shot to make his mark as the starting tight end, otherwise Sebastian Janikowski is the biggest White "star" on the team.

So Seattle is the third NFL franchise to have less than ten Whites on the roster to start the 2018 season, joining Houston and Oakland, while several others aren't far from joining the club. Just as Whites were methodically reduced on defense over time to the point of now being token presences, it's a good bet that in the next several years teams with nine or fewer Whites will start to become commonplace as the league continues to draft large numbers of sumos and black quarterbacks. (And nine or fewer really means six or fewer since almost all teams still have White place kickers, punters and long snappers.)

The continuous overall reduction and marginalization of White men is the animating principle not just of the Caste System but of society as a whole. Given that the NFL is in important ways the pioneer of The Great Replacement that's been underway since the 1965 Immigration Act was passed, the league's anti-White trends will only continue to worsen unless and until forced to change by sufficient counter-pressure.

Number of White starters: 3

Number of White players on 53 man roster: 9

Grade: F-
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