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Oct 3, 2008
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Here are your White starters and overall roster for the odious New York Jets and their predictably Caste squad:

QB – Sam Darnold, Josh McCown

TE – Eric Tomlinson

C – Spencer Long

G – Brian Winters, Ben Braden

T – Brent Qvale

DL – Henry Anderson

Special teams – P Lac Edwards, K Jason Myers, LS Thomas Hennessy

QB Davis Webb could prove to be a good signing and he is on the practice squad.

Todd “Toilet” Bowles has led this turd-team down the crapper. Back to back 5-11 seasons have got to have this AA hire of a head coach on the hot seat. With another lousy season, hopefully he’ll get canned. After the releasing of Chad Hansen, who the Jets talked up all training camp, there is nothing of interest to follow. The only interesting storyline for us will be Sam Darnold and will he develop into the star QB the Jets have frankly been looking for since Joe Namath. He got all the tools but as Tom Iron says, “The Jets always find a way to louse things up”.

Humorously, GM Mike Maccagnan has been catching a lot of flak for his poor drafting record. Every player from the 2015 draft, expect for 1st rounder Leonard Williams, is gone. Most of his 2016 picks are flops and 3 players from 2017 are cut. I would wish for both of these Caste Clowns (Bowles &Maccagnan) to get the axe but what’s the point? The Jets will just replace them with 2 new buffoons and continue the cycle in perpetuity.

Total White starters: 4 (-1 from 2017)

Total Whites on 53-man roster: 11 (-2 from 2017)

Grade: F-
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Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
And the owner of the team is conservative Republican Woody Johnson. Blaming the Caste System solely on leftists or Jews is inaccurate, "loyal opposition" conservatives are part and parcel of it as well, including for example the other New York franchise, aka Ghana's Team, which the Mara family now co-owns with the (((Tisch))) family. The late family patriarch Wellington Mara donated to at least one of Pat Buchanan's presidential campaigns.


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Jul 20, 2018
Ya republicucks don't care about Whites. Only $$. Seahawks owner Paul Allen is supposedly a "Conservative" as well and look at the sorry ass SJW team he's assembled.