2018 Carolina Panthers

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
QB - Taylor Heinicke
RB - Christian McCaffrey
TE - Greg Olsen
T - none with Matt Kalil injured
G - Brendan Mahon, Greg van Roten
C - Ryan Kalil, Tyler Larson

LB - Luke Kuechly, David Mayo, Ben Jacobs, Jared Norris
S - Colin Jones

PK - Graham Gano
P - Michael Palardy
LS - J. J. Jansen

Matt Kalil is the only White player on IR. QBs Connor Cook and Kyle Allen, G Taylor Hearn, and TE Jason Vander Laan are on the practice squad.

David Mayo is starting because Thomas Davis is suspended. However this should be Davis's final season and Mayo (or perhaps Jacobs) may be auditioning to replace Davis for good next year.

Matt Kalil won't be starting at tackle on the same line with his brother, so that gives Carolina five White starters. Colin Jones should have been a starter but was permanently placed in the WSTD/backup role for his entire career.

The four White linebackers are a plus, as of course are all-world players Kuechly and Olsen, and hopefully Christian McCaffrey is about to become one. Head coach Ron Rivera has promised to use McCaffrey heavily this season, but we'll see if that's the case or not.

A lot of CFers like the Panthers because of McCaffrey, Kuechly and Olsen, but their presence is the only thing that prevents Carolina from having a worse grade.

Number of White starters: 5

Number of White players on 53 man roster: 15

Grade: D


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Oct 23, 2005
Have you guys seen any of the Amazon's "All or Nothing" about Panthers '18 season? Cam features heavily (he actually seems like less of a douche in that documentary series, at times at least) but Olsen, Kuechly and McCaffrey have their moments. I wish they had more of a presence, at least McCaffrey - superstar in making and Kuechly - best LB in the league. Still, it's an interesting insight into their season.
Funchess is a total clown tho.