2017 NCAA Tournament


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Jun 4, 2007
Imagine if someone said that the Panthers lost the Super Bowl because of a low-IQ black quarterback. But it's okay for some racist leftist douche to cast(e) all the blame on whitey.

Or if someone close to the Seattle Seahawks organization stated that their all-black defense couldn't compete with the all-white Patriots offense in Superbowl 49 and that's why they lost. It would be the biggest story in the history of sports and that person would be a far bigger national pariah than Riley Cooper, John Rocker, Donald Sterling, Paula Dean, or any other white person who's uttered anything mildly controversial and was sentenced to their "15 Minutes of Hate."


Mar 16, 2013
In my mind the four people mentioned above did nothing wrong. NOTHING. Perhaps a touch of insensitivity which amounts to a hill of beans but they were crucified and tortured by the media without committing anything resembling a crime.
Even outside the realm of sports there are black racist groups most notably The Black Lives Matter outfit who by the way at times engage in destruction and violence. Hey lets burn down this city kind of thing. Meanwhile the media continues to focus on "white nationalist" groups like what the Ku Klux Klan who to the best of my knowledge barely exist and have not engaged in any sort of violence in what years and years, decades?
But in the world of sports the racism involved is clearly without a shadow of a doubt built on BLACK RACISM. While I was navigating my way through the dialogue by regular folk on the Lavar Ball comments there were quite a few who claimed what Ball said was black racism. And man did that light a fire under those who disagreed using a logic like " How dare they say something that can't exist", was the feeling I got. The BLACK RACISM that pervades the sports world is the greatest and most concerning form of racism in this country and it has been an unstoppable train for years that keeps picking up momentum.


Dec 28, 2010
Mats Stockman
Ryan McMahon

Hope that helps to answer your question. I hope and pray that Stockman and McMahon get more playing time next season than this year, but I'm not holding my breath.[/QUOTE]

The 7'1" Mats Stockman from Norway is transferring from Louisville to Minnesota for his final year of eligibility.