2016 Philadelphia Eagles

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
Just as CFers expected, the firing of Chip Kelly ended the Eagles’ run as one of the few relatively fair teams to White players. From having over 20 White players on the roster -- even coming dangerously close to a majority White team at one point -- and as many as 9 and 10 White starters at times during the short-lived Kelly era, the 2016 Eagles start the season with 6 White starters and 16 on the 53 man roster. Expect the number to be even lower next season as Philly continues to revert back toward the NFL norm.

Kelly was a bad fit for a franchise that traditionally was one of the league’s blackest and which was a pioneer in starting black quarterbacks. He was even called a “racist” by a few players and media knuckle-scrapers for daring to have a roster that was “only” 60% black in a country that is just 12% black. Kelly’s refusal to toss Riley Cooper to the scrap heap for his crime against humanity was undoubtedly the last straw for ultra-liberal team owner (((Jeffrey Lurie))).

With the unexpected trade of Sam Bradford, rookie Carson Wentz leapfrogged Chase Daniel to become the team’s starter week one. Wentz physically is reminiscent of Ben Roethlisberger and Blake Bortles – big and strong with a rocket arm and good escapability and mobility. He appears to have all the tools needed to be yet another successful White quarterback in a league eager to replace them as rapidly as possible with blacks.

Daniel may have starting ability, but looks destined to remain a backup barring an injury to Wentz (who missed some of the preseason with bruised ribs).

Allen Barbre starts at left guard, Jason Kelce (brother of KC’s star tight end Travis) is the rock solid center, and Lane Johnson out of Oklahoma, the fourth overall pick of the 2013 draft, is the starting left tackle. Stefen Wisniewski and Matt Tobin are backups.

Tight end remains in the very capable hands of Zach Ertz and Brent Celek. Ertz is the receiving specialist and Celek the better blocker, but Celek, now in his tenth season out of Cincinnati, is a fine receiver in his own right.

Like Kelce and Celek, Connor Barwin is another excellent player the Eagles have drafted from Cincinnati. Barwin has been moved from outside linebacker to a full-time defensive end, and may end up as one of the leading sackers in the NFL in 2016.

Beau Allen is a backup DT. Safety Chris Maragos and LB/DE Bryan Braman are both special teams demons, though both could well be solid starters if ever given the opportunity.

On the practice squad are fullback Andrew Bonnet (North Dakota State), LB Don Cherry (Villanova), and C Aaron Neary (Eastern Washington).

QB Carson Wentz
LT Lane Johnson
LG Allen Barbre
C Jason Kelce
TE Zach Ertz, Brent Celek
DE Connor Barwin

Number of White players on 53 man roster: 16

Grade: D