’Uneven Fairways’

Don Wassall

Staff member
Sep 30, 2004
is the name of the new documentary from the Golf Channel, which debuts in February, er Black History Month, and is receiving non-stop promotion on the network. Part worship of blacks, part anti-white guiltfest, it focuses on golf's "Negro Leagues," the black tour called the United Golf Association (UGA).

There's a trailer on the Golf Channel's webpage ( [url]http://www.thegolfchannel.com/core.aspx?page=26000&selec t2=11262[/url]), during which narrator Samuel L. Jackson refers to the "major talent" on the black tour. Viewers will uncritically accept this claim, just as they believe that the Negro Leagues of baseball were filled with oppressed Babe Ruths and Whitey Fords.

I may have to watch just to see how they explain the utter lack of black "major talent" in golf today other than Tiger Woods. White skin privilege? A conspiracy of some kind? Unaffordability of basic golf equipment by blacks? The lingering effects of white racism? There's any number of reasons that can be given, except for the obvious one.