1. DixieDestroyer

    “Queen LeBrown” Declares He’s “The Greatest of All Time”

    Megomaniacal afrolete “Queen LeBrown” James claims the he is the greatest basketball player ever. He largely bases that on championships won, which is erroneous because those were won with a team....not by himself (as he may think). This overhyped, halfwit manchild is most certainly NOT the...

    Which Division has the best White team?

    Curious what you guys would consider the best division and why, bring up anyone you think should be named that's left out. Will do in two posts, first the East then West -Eastern Conference- Atlantic Division: Centers - Jonas Valanciuanas(Raptors), Aaron Baynes(Celtics), Willy...
  3. DixieDestroyer

    "Basketball Without Borders"...Kosher Style

    More cultural Marxist claptrap & z1onist @$$ kissing from lonsman Adam Silver(stein) & the Godless NBA.