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    2020 Colorado Buffaloes

    It does appear that graduate Sam Noyer is in the mix for starting Qb competing with a mulatto looking rival in Tyler Lytle.
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    2020 North Texas Mean Green

    So Aune started the last game for the Mean Green, and did well, lets see if this is a permanent thing.
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    2020 Tulane Green Wave

    Looks like QB Michael Pratt has joined the starter list as well.
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    2020 Missouri Tigers

    So for now it looks like Bezelak is the confirmed starter at Mizzou after yesterdays performance.
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    2020 NFL Week 5

    I wonder how many athletes who are maybe a season away from their first big free agent contract purchase injury insurance for that last pre free agency year. You'd want to get a gigantic amount in coverage so it would cost plenty, but worthwhile in the longterm, if such insurance is available.
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    2020 NFL Week 5

    Prescott injury is another example of how important it is to have a big pool of White qbs waiting in the wings as backups. The Jets, 49ers, Patriots, Chargers, former Redskins, and now Cowboys have all gone to their backups for a variety of reasons (Chargers case is a bit different as Herbert...
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    2020 NFL Week 5

    Watching the Cowboys offense line up with Dalton in as QB, quite alot of Whiteness going on. Counting Williams as White, four of the five linemen, Dalton and Schultz. If LVE gets back Cowboys might be palatable.
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    2020 Australian Open

    Whats great about the latest defeat of the linebacker, is that so many different women are beating her, not just one rival, so any opponent that she faces can now be thinking that I too can win over the Steroid queen.
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    2019 NFL Divisional Playoffs

    Another nice thought about the Seahawks losing is that they very easily might not have made the playoffs if they hadn't had so many last minute wins this season, so its not as if they were some unstoppable juggernaut. Hopefully next season it will be the Rams and 49ers in the playoffs.
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    College Football News

    Jurkovec goes to BC, hopefully he can play next season. Glad to see white qbs seek out opportunities to start instead of sit on the bench.
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    2019 NFL Divisional Playoffs

    It looked like Kumerow was in on a lot of plays, but tonight it was the Rodgers to Adams show.
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    College Football Week 15 - Championship Weekend

    If Wisconsin should win and not make it in, the committee would be devaluing the conference championship game concept. Another thing to think about it is if this were happening in, say, week 10 of the regular season, what would the rankings look like after a Wisconsin win? I would have to think...
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    College Football Week 15 - Championship Weekend

    If Wisconsin somehow wins, would they get the 4th spot in the playoffs, with it being LSU 1, Clemson 2, Oklahoma 3, Wisconsin 4, or does Ohio state somehow magically still get in win or lose?
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Also, now Allen has some breathing room to develop chemistry with the offense, and establish a greater body of work to show, once Newton is ready to play again.
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    2019 NFL Week 3

    Don't know if this has been mentioned but it looks like Ryan Connelly is now starting at linebacker for Giants. His interception probably helped solidify his status.