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    Caleb Plant

    I've noticed this too. Boxing can be weird. Elite power is very rare and good power is uncommon. I think Plant falls in the good power category. He has elite boxing skill to go with good power, meaning he can drop most fighters but can't hurt the guys who have a granite chin and elite skill...
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    Flashback - 1988 Olympics 4x400 Women’s - World record

    I’d never seen that video before. Very disrespectful that the Soviet team set a world record and was seemingly ignored by the American broadcast. The United States was pretty much universally brainwashed and blue pilled to the max back then. I didn’t realize it back then because I was so young.
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    Flashback - 1988 Olympics 4x400 Women’s - World record

    It seems like the “stand with Ukraine” slogan is basically being used to advance leftism as well. It’s horrific what is happening.
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    Starsux Forces Employees to Watch Anti-White Propaganda

    I agree. It would be poetic justice if the higher ups at starbucks were the ones being beaten. Unfortunately, a few starbucks slaves being beaten doesn't concern the higher ups. They don't care about people, they only care about profits. They say and do whatever they have to in order to...
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    Emilie Erasmus 10.01

    He was in my neck of the woods for a bit! Good luck to him in Eugene.
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    Joe Smith Jr.

    Smith tried to duke it out instead of boxing and trying to take it into later rounds, big mistake! I like Smith and hope he bounces back but I don't see any reason for a rematch. Would love to see Beterbiev fight Canelo or Bivol.
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    Emilie Erasmus 10.01

    You’ve got an amazing kid there and it sounds like you’ve done a great job raising him. Let’s hope he gets that sub 10! Once he gets that he can start working towards the 9.8s!
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    Casey Combest

    Yeah I agree. The world is already screwed up and there’s no fixing it. It’s a bummer that Combest didn’t produce a white kid but that’s hardly a reason to root against his son. If he ends up being a special talent with world class ability, we will know where it came from at least.
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    Casey Combest

    It looks like Casey Combest’s son is a sprinting prodigy. It’s too bad Combest didn’t reproduce with a white woman as I’m sure all of his son’s sprinting genes come from him anyways. Either way, it seems like Casey may have turned his life around so good for him. I won’t root against his son...
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    Matthew Boling 9.98, 19.92 and 8.25 LJ

    I remember a workout partner of mine from years ago saying that phrase. I always wondered if I could actually put train a bad diet if working out became my full time job. I’ve heard various stories over the years of athletes living on fast food haha.
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    Athlete Crime Thread

    I had seen that clip. Are you kidding me there were no charges filed? I imagine that the family could hire an attorney and bring a massive suit against the school district and the kid that committed this hate crime. To quote a decades old double standard: “if it had been the other way around….”
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    Dzmitry Asanau

    I like what I saw in terms of defense, speed and movement. The stoppage seemed very premature, unless the opponents corner threw the towel in and I missed it. I think this guy has a future for sure but he didn’t seem to hurt his opponent much. Will have to see how he does with stronger...
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    Canadian Freedom Fighters

    Don you’ve talked about the lack of a real legitimate grassroots movement. Maybe this could be it? A movement that catches on worldwide and can spawn legitimate political candidates. If nothing else, at least a movement would give us a little hope for the future, something that’s really...
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    Cody Crowley

    I’m sure this is one of the methods they use to prevent their favorite top guys from having to fight and potentially lose to guys like Crowley. If you keep a guy pigeon holed down the rankings he never gets the opportunity to fight guys like Spence. I’m not a fan of welterweight and haven’t...
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    Miscellaneous Boxing News

    Without ever hearing about Guidry before, I’d say he’s a long shot to win a title and an even longer shot to successfully defend it. Of course you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Sometimes these shorter tubby heavyweight fighters prove to be very tough to stop, but not extremely...