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    2019 NFL Divisional Playoffs

    All else being equal, I 100% prefer a mostly Black team of players who are so-so but win thanks to a dominantt White quarterback (ie Joe Burrow), to win a title as opposed to a team of many Whites that carry a mediocre Black quarterback to win a Superbowl, because in the case of the latter the...
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    2019 NFL Week 14

    I stopped caring too much about football or American sports in general because it seems that White participation in football is down, which leads to a smaller talent pool naturally, and with all the racial stacking that occurs, the unfavorable (to Whites) media, and general decline of the NFL...
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    Number of non-white starters in European national team fixtures.

    I don't have any money invested in it either way, but if it were up to me, I'd 100% prefer to have a team that actually represented the racial composition of my country and lose every single time, than have one that is overwhelmngly Black, because history has shown time and time again that...
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    Sergey Kovalev

    She looks basically like some hot 20 year old chick's aging, forty five year old mom who still thinks she's hot, and ends up doing MILF porn or blasting instagram with humble brags about how supposedly the bagboy at the store assumed she was only 25.
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    Adam Kownacki

    Kownacki looks like the kind of friendly fat guy who clowns around at parties and is a good sport about jokes and everything, but if you step to him he's going to embarrass you and take your girl lol
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    2019 NFL Conference Championships

    As has been the case for much of Brady's career, he and the offense succeed despite of the general incompetence of the defense. It's nauseating how that worthless corps of defensive players gets to basically coattail on the success of the tough White men on the Patriots year after year, getting...
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    2019 NFL Divisional Playoffs

    I thought the TV camera guy would always invariably focus in on the White guy because the White guy would inevitably have a calm, dignified Southern-colonel-in-defeat countenance, whereas the viewer at home and on the bleachers thought all the other dudes looked the same *snicker* (with their...
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    2019 NFL Divisional Playoffs

    I think if it all came down to it, I prefer a team that at least has a solid, White quarterback over one that has a Black douche like Cam Newton, even if it meant fewer roster Whites overall. So in that case I prefer the Rams and Goff and at the same time hope the Cowboys' Whites (Beesley, VDE...
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    2019 NFL Playoffs Wildcard Round

    A small runningback probably can succeed in today's incompetent defense, "he looked at me and made me feel uncomfortable" penalty NFL. A Csonka or Riggins or Jim Brown or Alstott or basically any real fullback would murder defenses today even though the NFL is billed as supposedly bigger and...
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    2019 NFL Playoffs Wildcard Round

    ... And the Ravens' DWFs still find a way to somehow put the blame for this loss on Flacco in 5... 4... 3...
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    “Queen LeBrown” Declares He’s “The Greatest of All Time”

    Lebron isn't even the best player in his own career span let alone all time. This bald steroid abusing sissy flopping choke artist Steve Urkel looking crybaby clownass needs to sit his "I'm inferior even to an old Kevin McHale" skirt down and dream up some other genius quotes like how being paid...
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    2018 NFL Week 14

    Not to be that guy, but the NBA does still have nearly a quarter White players, something like 22-24% so although that's not a huge number there's enough there to make things interesting once in a while. The NFL is mostly Black, too, but the fact that most of the best quarterbacks continue to...
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    NON-Whites in White Roles

    In today's PC SJW climate all White history and achievement has to be portrayed as evil or dastardly in order to make modern nonWhites feel less like losers for having obviously, objectively achieved GALAXIES LESS than the White race has accomplished. Fact of the matter is, all races at one...
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    SEC Watch

    I think a major problem is that politically Blacks simply cannot be ALLOWED to fall beneath their current majority, because all the liberal crybabies, Black and other shades, consider it a Black birthright to constitute the majority of whatever sport they play. If Blacks don't happen to be the...
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    White Mexican Saul Alvarez signs with Golden Boy

    Canelo is a good fighter with the hype and money behind him to ensure he wins even when he loses, just as he lost against GGG twice but got a gift draw and a gift win. I wish boxing would be where they fight until one quits or gets KTFO.