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    2022-'23 NBA Season

    He’s literally a White, perhaps poor man’s version of Russell Westbrook. Of course this “meritocratic league” has no interest in even giving him a short run on even the worst NBA team.
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    Joe Biden's America

    Andrew Torba is a great man with tremendous honor, conviction and courage. He’s the premier defender of free speech in the Western World. I think he needs to continue doing exactly what he’s doing, not get into politics. He’s more valuable running and further building Gab and a “parallel...
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    Political Cartoon and Meme Thread

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    Joe Biden's America

    You make some fair points but overall I’m enjoying what Nick and Ye are doing. They need to ditch Milo though. He’s a total snake. Just found this funny meme and thought it could go here.
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    2022-2023 College Basketball

    Glad Utah won as they had 4 Whites athletes starting. Arizona is still highly ranked, so I hope to see the Utes crack the top 25.
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    2022 Jacksonville Jaguars

    Seems like another RGIII and Kirk Cousins situation.
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    2022 NFL Week 12

    Fantastic game by him. Maybe his best as a pro. The loss for the Ravens also helps the CF fav Bengals. Yay!
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    2022 FIFA World Cup

    Croatia still very fun to watch. Very creative on offense. 3-1 as I type this.
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    2022-2023 College Basketball

    Way to go Purdue! Next up for them is #6 Duke, who is lead by freshman sensation Kyle Filipowski. That game can be seen later today at 3:30 EST on ABC.
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    2022 FIFA World Cup

    It is bizarre. What does Southgate have against Foden that he would bury him on the bench?
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    2022 FIFA World Cup

    Since England, Wales and US are all nauseating, virtue signalers, who do you “root” for out of that bunch? Coming into the tourney, I was going to pull for Wales but they really love man-on-man anal sex, huh? Guess there’s no good choice here.
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    2022 Chicago Bears

    It was on a run in which he was trying to get to the first down marker.
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    Even Nick Fuentes

    I agree with Don. I’m overjoyed that a man running for President just had dinner with the world’s most famous “antisemite” and another “jew wise” individual who’s an America First nationalist. Are Fuentes, Ye or Trump perfect? Of course not but they are all throwing wrenches into the gears of...
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    2022 FIFA World Cup

    Yea, he’s always one of their best players. After the subs, England finished with 9 Whites and a quadroon. Don’t think they can get better than that demographically in this modern era.
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    2022 FIFA World Cup

    This USA team is worse than France. The only other team that is a worse inverse of demographics maybe Ecuador.