White Men Can Run

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    White Men Can Run

    by J. B. Cash

    (11/16/05) A remarkable occurrence happened last Sunday in the NFL. A white running back received the majority of his team's carries out of the backfield and was a major factor in his team's subsequent victory. Heath Evans of the New England Patriots, rushed 17 times for 84 yards (a 4.9 average) and also caught 3 passes for 18 yards, and also ran in a critical 2-point conversion.

    Those are not staggering numbers but consider the circumstances. A white man gets 17 carries in an NFL game about as often as a solar eclipse occurs. When it happens it is always under the same circumstances. A succession of black running backs have to be suddenly injured or suspended with little time for the team to scrape up another black scrub to replace the others.

    What makes the story all the more compelling is that Heath Evans was recently released by the Dolphin team he played against. He was signed the week before by the Patriots, practiced with them, and then got the call when the other backs became injured.

    Heath Evans has toiled in obscurity for nearly his entire NFL career. He has followed the all too familiar, and depressing, career path of a white running back in this prolonged racially segregated era of professional football. He was a stand-out talent as a running fullback at Auburn. Although he did not get many carries while playing in a pass oriented offense he did lead the team in rushing yards one year.

    The pros saw Evans and pictured him as the only type of white running back allowed in the pro game: the blocking fullback. Yes, a strong, fast, agile running machine like Heath Evans has only one place in the NFL of the new millennium â€â€￾ blocking for a succession of black running backs, some of them half the player he is.

    The history of the NFL is full of rugged, hard running, white runners that carried their teams to championships. John Riggins, Mark Van Eaghen, Larry Csonka, Marv Hubbard, Jim Otis, and Ed Podalak are just some of them. But nowadays there is only one spot reserved for a white player in the backfield: quarterback, and that is starting to disappear too.

    The NFL will allow big, bulky, black runners to play important roles for their teams. Jerome Bettis, Duce Staley, and Ron Dayne come to mind, but even the white players that could fill those roles are rarely given the ball and told to run with it. Mike Alstott, Rob Konrad, Brad Hoover, Dan Kreider, and Marc Edwards, are some of the recent players that had running talent but were the wrong skin color.

    Heath Evans has been in the NFL for 4 years and in this one game he gained more yards than in any of his full seasons. This would seem like the kind of feel-good story that the news/sports media loves. Here is a player, a career bench rider, gets cut from his team, signs with another one, then immediately comes in and plays against the team he was cut by and has the game of his career. Wow! You can't make stuff like that up.

    Imagine if it was a black player at a position that is not "black enough" for the media, like quarterback. A career back-up, gets cut, plays against his old team and leads them to victory. Think the media would have played it up? You bet!

    So what did they have to say about Heath Evans' memorable effort? The AP had this to say in its post game wrap-up:

    "With no running back, a Saban castoff at fullback and reserves at three other offensive positions, Belichick and the injury-riddled New England Patriots still beat Saban's Miami Dolphins 23-16 Sunday."

    So Heath Evans, not mentioned by name, isn't even considered a running back when he played tailback the entire game, he's still a "fullback," and a "Saban castoff" at that. Yahoo! Sports listed the game's top performer for the Patriots as Ben Watson, a tight end who caught 3 passes for 37 yards.

    Of course the media would be reluctant to play up Heath Evans' story. They continue to stick their head in the sand concerning the NFL's racial imbalance. If they pointed out Evans' success all kinds of things might go wrong. The fans might ask why there aren't more Heath Evans type players and more opportunities for those types of players.

    Also, since Evans will be shunted back to the bench and back to obscurity it is best not to remind people that it happened. White running backs occasionally get an opportunity and after they excel they disappear. It happened to Brock Forsey, it happened to Brad Hoover, and a couple of times to Mike Alstott. If white players would bitch and play the race card like so many blacks do every time they feel they are mistreated then the door might open a bit for other white players. Apparently though the NFL only chooses a certain type of white player â€â€￾- one who doesn't say anything about racial inequities in exchange for a roster spot.

    Another reason why the media has no interest in the Heath Evans story is the possible repercussions that would ensue if any discussion about specific racial qualities were brought up. Black people and their media apologists cry like stuck pigs whenever they are complimented on blacks' athletic ability because they are worried that any mention of a specific racial trait may bring up the subject of poor IQ test scores.

    Plus the sports media does not want to talk about race. Not just because of their agenda but because talking about it in any way â€â€￾- covertly, openly, honestly or frankly, usually means someone is going to get fired. Better for them to ignore it completely.

    And finally, the main reason the media will not feature a story like this is because it's a case of success for someone mainly because they are white. Thus it is a source of pride for white people as a race. The media does not want to acknowledge that white people have a racial identity. So they cannot feature an instance of success that is memorable because it is a success based on the whiteness of the person in question.

    Yes, the media will feature a hundred stories a week about some non-white doing something noteworthy only because the person doing it is non-white. Those stories are reported merely so those people can experience a measure of pride in their racial heritage. But they will never, ever, do it for a white person because that might indicate that white people are allowed to be proud of their race too.

    While that may be a taboo at nearly every other place in the electronic media, the print media, and the internet, it is NOT the case here at Caste Football. We are proud of our heritage and our people. We are proud of the excellent play of Heath Evans, we wish him further success and hope to see more of our young men getting these opportunities and experiencing the same success. We will be here to cheer them on even if no one else has the courage and the decency to do so.

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  2. Colonel_Reb

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    Jan 9, 2005
    The Deep South
    Another great article JB! Hopefully Heath will get even more carries this week, and a 100 yard game!
  3. White Shogun

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    Mar 2, 2005
    Round Dayne? LOL Uh, not the best guy to compare to a white running back as an example of a big, powerful successful runner.[​IMG] But a great article, really, even though I'm having fun with the Round Dayne bit. [​IMG] Edited by: White Shogun
  4. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Bubble Butt Dayne is a good comparison because he is one of the biggest busts in NFL history, yet here he is, still in the league and still getting opportunities. Assuming a white running back ever got a chance to play, he would belaughed out of the league in a matter of weeks if he was as lousy as Dayne has been.
  5. Gary

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    Dec 28, 2004
    Good article-I hope Heath Evans has a big game this week, to be frank I am still mad Kyle Eckel never really got a chance. Heath must have some powerful legs he is listed at 6' 250lbs.
  6. Guest

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    Alstot blows defenders off like bowling pins when he runs. He is
    exciting and plays the game like the old timers. He makes the
    brothers look real bad. During the two point conversion Mike
    moved the whole defensive front line after making contact, then powered
    (on his back, legs still moving) the ball across the plan, man thats
  7. GWTJ

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    Jul 21, 2005
    New Jersey
    I seem to be seeing a lot of the Alstott run on the news this week. A lot of controversy over that call. I guess it's bothering a lot of people that a white running back won the game.

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