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    Trey Hendrickson has tied an NFL record by recording a sack in 9 straight games. He's tied for fifth among the league's sack leaders with 12.5.

    T. J. Watt currently leads the league with 16 sacks despite missing some games with injuries. Nick Bosa is tied for third with 14. Joey Bosa is tied for fifteenth with 8.5 sacks. The only other White player among the top 47 is Sam Hubbard who is tied for 20th with 7.5. As is almost always the case, the few White players "allowed" to play defense are concentrated among the best at their position, strong evidence for all but the most indoctrinated to see that there should be far more White players starting on defense and in the league in general.

    It should also be noted that Hendrickson was forced to serve a three year racial apprenticeship with the Saints; it was only in 2020, his fourth season, that he was allowed to start and he immediately blew up with 13.5 sacks, tied for second most in the league. Marcus Davenport, the defensive end Hendrickson had to play behind for most of his time in New Orleans, has a career total of 17.5 sacks in four seasons.
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    Trey has 32.5 career sacks already in only 58 career games! It’s even more impressive when you realize that 27 of those games he did not start, and probably had limited snaps, during the racial apprenticeship that Don mentioned.

    To contrast Davenport has 17.5 in 44 career games. Trey averaging 0.56 per game and Marcus only 0.4 per game. Marcus played over Trey and New Orleans allowed Trey to walk when he became a free agent. This is a prime example of adherence to the Caste System and one all to common for Pathetic Payton, a devout disciple of the Marxist religion applied to sports.

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