The Rooney Rule

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    Hopefully the Rooney Rule and these initiatives are going to serve as a red pill for many of the fans out there (just like CRT, grooming, biased media coverage of racial crimes etc are waking people up). We should certainly use this pivot the discussion to the lack of White football players. This site has been 15 years ahead of the curve (at the very least) on many of the societal issues. I think that eventually race and sports will become an issue. We just need to do our part to make sure we continue to expose the caste system and the blatant racial bias that exists.
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    Well said, I shared that article on Gab to the normies sports page. Be interesting to see the feedback I get.
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    That Carrol is such a chickenshit. Grandstanding and all too willing to leave white coaches off the bus when he's had his career.

    He's the walking gum chewing definition of cuck.
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    This is more for Phall, but it is an outlook on the world in general re: this sort of thing. I found this as an answer to a question on Quora, which seems to be mostly a "woke" site, especially with regard to Convid, but I cut and pasted this as I found a lot of it resonates with what I see. The first line in the comment was a retort to the person who went into some kind of rant above him or her...

    That is the response of someone who is not reasoning, but is instead taking offense at facts.

    One of the main yearnings (if not the primary desire) of women is “security”. This makes sense from an evolutionary biological standpoint. A woman who could not secure a source of resources (primarily food) and protect her children would have no offspring that would survive, and her genetic material would not be passed on. So EVERY woman in the world is the product of a a very long train of women who were protected long enough to reproduce and secured resources sufficient to reproduce and raise her children.

    Unfortunately, that drive today is frequently misplaced.

    As women became “liberated”, they became less willing to be “under the control” of men. This generally means they don’t want to do ANYTHING that men find helpful. “Clean the house? Cook dinner? What am I, a SLAVE?” And yet their demand for “security” (or at least the illusion of it) persists. Using the vote, they have created a new kind of “husband”, Uncle Sam. A guy with deep pockets who can be counted on to stick around and provide for them even if they are the most hideously uncivil, nasty, anti-social, self-centered, slothful, uncooperative beast imaginable - things very few men would tolerate.

    Unfortunately for women, social welfare programs come at a cost that is not sustainable. That’s why we have $30+ trillion in debt and over $200 trillion in unfunded mandates. When you consider the fact that taxes from all sources amount to only about $3.5-$4 trillion a year, you may begin to appreciate the problem. Prior to COVID, debt was accruing at a rate of about $1 trillion a year. Under Biden there seems to be no limit to the DemonCRAP thirst for spending. Did I mention that the DemonCRAPS are majority female?

    I don’t think women set out to consciously destroy America. But they either lack the foresight, or the concern that destruction is an inevitable byproduct of the demands they place upon the state. Maybe they know and it’s just denial. Or they figure, “It won’t kill ME. It will kill someone else in the future.” I don’t know. Probably a mix of ignorance, lack of reasoning and denial.

    The irony is that generations of men have now been raised with the message that they are essentially irrelevant, that women don’t need them (except as sperm donors and tax payers ) and they are opting out.

    It was Helen Smith, Phd., who documented how men are walking away from their traditional roles as protectors and providers. ( Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream - and Why It Matters: 9781594037627: Smith PhD, Helen: Books) Men are replacing women and family with low-wage jobs, pizza, beer, video games and porn. You think the majority of people attending college are female because women suddenly got smarter? No. Men no longer see any need to advance themselves. Where once they had to be “breadwinners” who fed an entire family, today they only have to look out for themselves. Men have been rendered obsolete by women who have voted for a welfare state. Have you not noticed that men have become weaker, less capable, more feminized?

    Naturally, we now have a couple generations of males who are largely incapable of carrying out their traditional roles. That means if Uncle Sam “dies”, women will have no one.

    And Uncle Sam is sick. Very, very sick.

    $30 trillion is more than $100,000 for every citizen of America. The communist/socialist/DemonCRAP actions of Slow Joe and his traitors (handing out money as women expect them to) is just hastening the end of the Country. The flood of criminal aliens crossing our border (which men would generally choose to repel), the rising inflation (which means the dollar is getting weaker), the impotence of Slow Joe in dealing with Ukraine (he’s truly a senile old beta male) portend the coming disaster.

    Interest rates could rise to 10% in an eye blink. The Chinese are conspiring to replace the petro-dollar with the petro-Yuan. If THAT happens, America will be crushed. No longer will America be the preeminent world power. The dollar will crash and you may see Weimar Germany levels of inflation where banknotes littered the streets and were used in fireplaces because they were worth less than the wood they replaced. Hyperinflation - Wikipedia

    Where will women go? What will they do? Having gelded men, they cannot even flee their current lover for another. There will be nowhere to go.
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