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  1. Alpha Male

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    May 22, 2005
    Author, banker, and New Right political activist Norman Lowell has put together a truly beautiful and inspiring WN video. Drawing from the best European thinkers, the IDEA is a political ideology that could take Europe and the rest of the White World by storm. Let's help make this video go viral:

    From Prison Planet:
    “The stated goal of the movement is to unite all European natives under one flag, hence the name "Imperium Europa" (European Empire), leading to "a Europid bond forged through Spirituality closely followed by Race, nurtured through High culture, protected by High Politics, enforced by the Elite
    The idea is to unite with Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty, rename it Nova Europa (New Europe), and assume a leadership position. Norman Lowell is the author of two published books, “Credo: A Book for the Very Fewâ€￾, andâ€￾ Imperium Europa - A Book that Changed the Worldâ€￾.
  2. frederic38

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    Jun 22, 2011
    i don't agree about one thing in the video
    he says that diversity amongst europeans in the different regions is great and must be kept, but then he says that any european would be free to live in any part of europe
    in my opinion they could live anywhere but not enjoy the same rights (no right to vote, participate in political life, and no right to marry with a local woman)
    exchanges would be created between regions willing to keep close links between some regions, but it should always be the woman who moves and marries a local

    and how would this project be adapted in the united states or any country where there are white people but outside of europe?
  3. Alpha Male

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    May 22, 2005
    I think your concern would fall under the dominium, or the feminine principle of the IE. Since the interior of IE is essentially a libertarian meritocracy for Europids, local governments and city states would dictate how to maintain the diversity within the European gene pool. What attracted me most to this far right ideology is the idea of the imperium, or the masculine principle - a political hierarchy of two million men who maintain the Imperian's welfare and external relationships. It's an ideology that captures the imagination, and offers an alternative to the moral decadence of liberal humanism we live today.

    The ideology is based on people first, regions second. Any majority White nation would qualify for IE admittance. How should IE be implemented in the U.S.? One step at time, my friend. They are making a run for parliament in Brussels. I wish them the best.
  4. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    I'll repost my "rant" from the Jeremy Lin thread here also, because as long as we're only dreaming about wonderful solutions without doing anything to work towards them, Whites, at least in America, will continue to rapidly hurtle toward marginalization and worse. At least in Europe there are active and vigorous nationalist political parties in nearly every country. But in the U.S., Whites don't even try, it's always excuses and premature obituaries, never action. Repost:

    If you want to see something like that (a united White Europe), it can only happen through a long and painful process. We can't begin to talk about something like that when we are currently at zero organizationally. Step 1 is to join the American Freedom Party, hopefully as an activist but at the least as a paid annual member, and realize that an organization, an idea, a dream, can only be fulfilled if one is willing to stick with something when it is small and weak and do what he can to help it grow. Otherwise we have no future.

    I know, the reasons not to support a pro-White political party are endless. Someone was part of a "third" party in the past and it didn't succeed therefore he'll never help another one. The next one won't support a small third party until it succeeds, thereby guaranteeing that it won't. The next one is afraid of having his name and address appear on any mailing lists. The next one was ordered by his wife or girlfriend not to get involved and he meekly obeyed. The next one is just too busy. The next one read the party platform but one issue he disagrees on so he prefers not to join. The next one has lots of great ideas for the few people actually willing to be activists to implement.

    And on and on it goes. And when Whites do attempt to organize, they quickly engage in infighting, and everyone wants a title of some kind. Cats should be insulted by the phrase "as hard to herd as cats," because White people are far worse when it comes to coherent, organized action.

    The internet has only compounded the situation. The internet is great, but just as it has brought us together as a virtual community, it has made it easier than ever to come up with excuses not to do anything more than post, and as the decline in posting on even an effective and pioneering site like Caste Football illustrates, even that is too much to ask of most aware Whites.

    The internet has allowed there to be far more widespread dissemination of information, which is wonderful, but it's just as obvious that after almost 20 years, the internet is not going to save Whites from the present situation.

    What is? It may well be too late, but no one knows the future. In the late 1980s, no one believed that in a few years the Berlin Wall would no longer exist, nor the Soviet Union. The power structure in the United States is determined to rule the world, but it has myriad difficulties in all areas domestically and overseas, not to mention it's morally and financially bankrupt. It's far from omnipotent. But it continues to prevail mainly because the one group that should be organized to oppose it -- White Americans, the main victim of deindustrialization and globalization -- is a sadsack collection of apathetic whiners -- and I'm referring to racially aware Whites, not DWFs.

    It's going to take hard work, lots of grunt work, to effect positive change. Right now, we're still posting brilliantly but otherwise doing nothing but hoping the system somehow collapses without being pushed, and that in the aftermath a pro-White system miraculously rises from the ashes. To put it in posting jargon, lolol.

    Our only hope is to roll up our sleeves, submerge our egos, and begin the long march through the institutions that our enemy did. The system is now so corrupt that it probably doesn't need much of a push to develop some huge cracks, but as long as there's no organized opposition, only hoped-for solutions without working towards them, then we're doomed.

    Disclaimer: I'm not addressing anyone in particular, only venting after 30 years of trying to wake up Americans and finding over and over again that the biggest impediment is the vast majority of those who know what's going on, at least in part, but make excuses over and over again for not being willing to leave their comfort zone even a little bit. Right now we're nothing but pathetic dreamers and losers.
  5. BoxingSpecialist2

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    Dec 7, 2011
    Calgary, Canada
    Wow, this is a great post which states the absolute and uncompromising truth that racially aware whites need to read. All members of the site should read this post and the post should be stickied! I have to say as a member of this site, it's very much an informative, learning experience for me coming on this site and familiarizing myself with various opinions of users who post here. I consider myself fortunate to post here, and I was pro-white before coming to this site, but since coming here Ive gained further perspectives thanks to reading the posts of others. Ive learned new ideas and perspectives.

    For racially aware whites, its a question of organizing ourselves, being productive, and working towards common goals. That is the only way our situation and rights will experience improvement. As an additional note I would say it is imperative that racially aware whites try to "convert" other whites to pro-white/far right wing thinking. I personally spend a lot of time doing that in real life.

    Posting anonymously online isn't enough. Anyone who truly belives in the topics and issues discussed on this site should involve themselves in some sort of real life activism as well. Personally I have posted my personal pictures on this site and one of the reasons I do that is because *I want to be public* about my political, racial, and social views, and I realize that the only way white issues will be improved is by people being public and non-apologetic about their views. In my personal, social, and love life, I am honest and public about my racial views and actually I find it empowering. I consider myself pro-Caucasian and pro-white (this means I support white, Arab, Persian, and some Hispanic issues). It hasn't damaged my friendships, dating relationships or career at all. Granted, I live in Canada, which is less anti-white than USA, but still. What's interesting as well is that as a pro-white man, many of my friends are Arabs and Persians, and even some Browns (Indians and Pakis) and they are completely aware of my pro Caucasian, pro white views and OK with it. As a white male, I also date many Middle Eastern Muslim females and they are completely aware of my views.

    One of the problems I find in real life, is that there aren't many resources available to people who are pro-white and want to connect with other pro-white people. For example, here where I live in Toronto, there literally aren't any pro-white, pro-Caucasian, or pro-European groups that one can go to and volunteer in. There are some soft conservative groups but, not right wing enough for my tastes and they ignore all the important issues like Zionism and race. Here in Toronto, my dream is to establish some sort of pro-Caucasian group which would work to improve relations between whites and (Christian, Bahai, Zoroastrian and Muslim) Middle Easterners and focus on Caucasian goals and issues.

    If I was in the USA I would certainly join your party and do my best to contribute towards it.

    However, in my own opinion sometimes I think that whites in the US would be better to organize themselves and form their own community. We have to be honest about demographic trends in the USA and it won`t be that long until whites are a minority. At that point, any sort of democratic solution would be almost impossible (if its not already). So, what Im saying is that I`m not sure that a political party designed to gain power within the existing system is the best way to go about it.

    Ultimately I am in complete agreement with your main point though: whites need to organize themselves and work towards common objectives. Posting online isn`t enough. Lack of organization among racially aware whites has strongly contributed to leftist victories in public policy and the media. In my own opinion, it begins with being honest, unapologetic, and upfront about your views in your personal life. Since becoming public in my personal life about my pro-white views, I haven`t lost any friends at all. Actually, its given me a unique position in that I am able to convince other whites (particularly males) as to why they should be pro-white. Its empowering on many levels.

    It just takes a few people to start the ball rolling and I really think that since Ive came out as being pro white in my own social circle. Many other white males are probably close to coming out as well and it certainly changes people`s opinions when they see normal everyday people admitting they are prowhite and providing non-hateful, rational arguments to support their views. Basically, what Im saying is that a good first step to take is to be honest about your views with friends, family and so on.
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  6. harold

    harold Guru

    Jun 7, 2012
    someone mentioned that people of european origin
    should question there intelligense considering the way there race is heading but dont think it is a question of
    this more that they are putting ideals like equality ,liberty etc (e.g france ) infront of preserving and undiluting there race ,tradition ,customs as best can especially in terms of other forces such as globalism and modernity besides race ,immigration ,.
    they should always be considered first not last .

    simply to nice for own good and pay for it .
    someone needs to do dirty work and be bad guy
    to protect these things .
    force you to do the correct thing rather than sellout as we are all only human and have a price
    be it ,the morning coffee rather than selling out ones own race .

    as for america ,you are simply the biggest bunch of sellouts and whores compared to others and will have to lose it all before can gain what is most important .
    will have to lose the coffee ,the tv ,the suv ,the entertainment ,so on so forth but most importantly the organised sport ,as this been primary purpose of site .

    so many people are such whores to sport nowadays
    to fill the obvious void in own lives and missed oportunities be it in past .these are the truely stupid ones .
    sport has become this ultimate in one man upmanship and we all in this site see this when it comes to race in sport ,we will use it to your own agenda .
    obvious reason to keep race out of sport ,just complicates and makes it more annoying .
    dont see any advantage in sport to any race ,just
    sometimes you win sometimes you lose .the winning is done largely before even step on field with numbers ,systems ,interest ,money ,peds ,training ,that are in place for various sports .
    as for elitism and sport ,for me it is okay to a point
    if doesnt cross racial bounds ,and isnt to econoically or morally corrupt which for most sport has far gone beyond this point .wages should be capped ,certain morals should be paramount and then it should be tolerable to the masses that dont get to participate and can identify with it as all within ones own race.
    as for the standard of sport ,i dont think would be effected much if certain systems and national systems are promoted rather than the individual participants
    sport only one aspect of all that needs to revised
    in a more stable and honest setting .
    it wouldnt be the most important on list , for it "is
    just only sport" but most applicable to this site .
    excuse tangent just another aspect to consider .
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  7. Alpha Male

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    May 22, 2005
    You are right; it's more than just a matter of activism. Whites need something to unify and believe in: an IDEA. The Marxists had secret meetings and were subject to investigation and intimidation before they "marched through the institutions." We need the same. The IDEA, as idealistic or as impractical as it may seem at this point, at least offers a New Right ideology that offers traditional values that made are people prosper for 1000 years.

    The Internet, this site in particular, opened the doorway to the motives of Marxists (I didn’t even know what that term referred to at the time) and New Right scholars that are essentially banned from Amerkian academia. How refreshing. I’ve been dismantling my feminist professors ever since, and they can't argue against eternal truths.

    But you’re right, Don. The open system that is the Internet contributed to my awakening. But unless online communities incarnate, we will remain the Silent and ever decreasing majority.

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