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    The Lions have provided new quarterback Jared Goff a very weak group of receivers, including not re-signing Danny Amendola and his 593 career receptions, which means T. J. Hockenson should continue to progress to the very top tier of NFL tight ends this season.

    T.J. Hockenson preparing for bigger role on and off the field

    Taking his foot off the gas isn’t an option for T.J. Hockenson entering Year 3, coming off his first Pro Bowl season with the Detroit Lions.

    If anything, the 2020 season gave him a glimpse of his individual potential even with the team struggling to find an identity, finishing 5-11.

    Hockenson, 23, has spent time this offseason training in Nashville, Tennessee, alongside his close friend and former Iowa teammate George Kittle in preparation for the 2021 season.

    They’ve bonded through backyard BBQs and working out, but also appearing in a national ad together for Kingsford that aired on YouTube in April. Hockenson made a cameo in the 1-minute commercial as Kittle’s hype man.

    Being in a national commercial is a rarity for a Lions player, but this appearance could help prep Hockenson for a pivotal role as the focal point of the team's offense, where he would receive plenty of media attention. This is a role he says he’s prepared for, certainly on the field.

    “I love those die-hards ... just walking through the city of Detroit and just being able to see those guys, and you don’t walk anywhere without somebody knowing you, which is a really cool thing. But yeah, I’m preparing myself to be the best player that I can be, and I know my ceiling is high,” Hockenson told ESPN. “I know I can do what other people in this league do, and just being able to prepare myself for that. And maybe it doesn’t happen and maybe it does, but I’m just preparing to be the best that I can be, the best that Detroit wants me to be -- and trust me, there's not more of a critic about myself than myself.

    “That’s another thing is I’m just trying to mute that out and to just do what I can do, and that’s all I can do,” he added. “That’s what I’m excited about this year is just being able to work with these new guys, work with these new draft picks, work with [Jared] Goff and be able to become that and know that I can do that. That’s something I’m excited about and something I think we’re working toward.”

    Hockenson says he feels the team is “moving in the right direction” under new head coach Dan Campbell and first-year general manager Brad Holmes.

    With Jared Goff now taking over at quarterback in Detroit after 12 seasons of Matthew Stafford at the helm, one of the biggest lingering questions following the draft is who will emerge as Goff’s primary target? All signs are pointing to Hockenson, following his breakout second-year season, when he produced 723 yards and 6 touchdowns on 67 catches.

    “I’m excited. I’ve talked to T.J. a bunch, we’ve thrown together a handful of times, and he’s been great," Goff said. "He’s obviously a great player and has had a great first few years in the league, and hopefully we can continue to build on that. I want to hopefully get him some more targets and touches -- he’s one of our top guys on offense -- and see what he can do.”

    In February, new Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn expressed his excitement to work with Hockenson, noting that he “did some nice things last year,” and that he views “his ceiling as even higher.”

    full article: https://www.espn.com/blog/detroit-l...reparing-for-bigger-role-on-and-off-the-field
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    Hockenson is another white man that some in the mainstream media tried to portray as a bust. He had a decent rookie season but from the way they talked during the season you'd think he was horrible. Naturally they never showed any statistics or video to back up their claims.

    Now he's already a Pro Bowler. Now they'll forget what they were saying about him.
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    Big fan of Hockenson! Wanted GB to draft him, now he'll get to torch them twice a year.

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