Packers Shareholder Wants to Know Why Green Bay Only Drafted Blacks

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by knightedsoldier5000, May 9, 2022.

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    A question from Marilyn, a longtime Packer fan and shareholder

    Out of the 11 players drafted by the Packers in the 2022 NFL Draft none are white. I also looked at the first two rounds of 64 and found that only 11 players drafted by all the teams were white. When I Googled the question of how many white overall were drafted, Google wouldn't answer it. I wonder why. I sure hope we aren't going to have to hear all the whining about equity, justice and all the markings on hats and shoes and all else. I suggest the NFL is actually racist for always choosing and highlighting black players. I am sure that is why you chose Love for a QB when he never should have been chosen. I hope the Packers will play the National Anthem and fly the flag high with the planes going over as they always have. Anyone who doesn't respect and honor our flag and our military heroes does not belong on the Packer roster. So for the 2022-2023 season, let's just play football and leave all the politics and racism out of the stadium.
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    Why anyone of any political persuasion would think those influenced by CRT could be fair and equitable is beyond me. It's obvious to me that Gut and Murphy are CRT true believers and this influences their outlook and their choices and this mindset is at all levels of sports.

    So are Gut and Murphy going to deny that CRT influences them, well good luck to that, they know they will be "cancelled" for even casting any doubts on CRT or its proponents.
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    Good for Marilyn - it is a very valid question. Disregard’s canned response. I truly think some people are waking up. Normal people - the kind that watch football - have seen the favoritism and double-standards applied to blacks throughout BLM’s terrorizing the last couple of years. They are beginning to logically note that that privilege is extending to sports.

    There are more Marilyn’s out there and they are starting to be unafraid to speak up.
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    Marilyn sounds based! She should specifically ask them to re-hire Jake Kumerow and also to bring back Jared Abbrederis. Then, she can move on to re-vamping the o-line.
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    Has anyone seen a picture of her yet? How old is she? What does she look like? Depending on those things she could be getting some marriage proposals.

    Hey, how far is Wisconsin from Arizona? Er, um, just wondering. ;)

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