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    Sep 19, 2012
    It’s been mentioned elsewhere but not in this thread that Michael Owen successfully converted the third penalty kick for England at age 18 in the World Cup 1998 semifinal shootout against Argentina. So, it’s not some outlandish tactical gaffe to have a professional attacker take a kick below some age threshold. England itself had this very specific precedent already.

    As for the four “yobs” being perp-walked to hate crime gaol for their Twitter crimes, I thought it was interesting how the English press makes mention of their jobs in the suspect description. (In the US, such reports purposefully include minimal info to hide race… maybe because suspects don’t have jobs, ha!) Plasterer, plumber, estate agent, and children’s football coach (this is not a full-time job, btw) aren’t necessarily lower-class professions, but I thought they might be featured for lacking a certain ‘sophistication’ that esteemed anti-racists are implied to have. Or, maybe it’s just to make sure everyone identifies them more easily and they are no longer allowed to work. Both tactics would serve a purpose.
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    Owen was a monster, though, barely human before injuries got the better of him. Although only 18 he'd finished joint top PL scorer that season. He actually took a penalty on his debut as a 17 year old, with Liverpool 1-0 down, 20 minutes left. I'm sure Master Saka is many things, but a new Michael Owen isn't one of them.


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