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    Donald Sterling racist rant

    Woke up this morning to see Obama was trying to score some points for the Left, and had commented on the incident, blaming it on "America's history of racism and segregation." Ie. "Bad Whitey." Is this the kind of divide+rule race baiting that America should expect from its President...
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    Women in Uniform
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    Public University calls for less white people on campus

    At least Justice was served. As one commenter pointed out, if this was a Hollywood script they would have made the thief white, and would have never let a white guy win a fight. If that video is on, it is being viewed by tens of thousands of blacks.
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    Public University calls for less white people on campus

    As widespread as the wide self-loathing is, I believe the internet is having a positive effect in that regard. I recently stumbled across (a cultural marxist mouthpiece), and while the articles were the usual anti-white, anti-male drivel, I was encouraged to see that most of the...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    I've provided a few links with some hearsay, and Twitter messages to the players in question (from Jews), referring to them being Jewish, but alas! It appears your burden of proof is greater than the evidence the internet has enabled me to marshal in defense of my claims. Still, I think it's a...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    To be honest, I don't know about Dekker. Still, I don't know a single person who is familiar with Ashkanazic Jews who could look you in the eyes with a straight face and try to assert that neither Gasser nor Brust or Kaminsky are at least partly Jewish (fully Jewish in the case of Gasser and...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    Here a website that talks about Gasser and Brust being Jewish. Aside from that, here is another site I found with a very quick search, there are also several Jews...
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    Senator Lindsay Graham facing challengers this June

    I don't think there has ever been a more effective creation than Christian Zionism, for the subjugation of goyim to Jews. The question is, how much of the pro-Israel fawning has to do with actually getting votes, versus how much is intended to gain the approval of the media oligarchs.
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    Now that the tournament is over, I will address this topic. Someone please move it or close it if they deem it to be inappropriate. Based on their full names, and phenotypes, there is strong evidence to suggest that Josh(ua) Gasser(man), Ben(yamin) Brust(ein), Sam (Shmuel) Dekker and Frank...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    That's funny you say that, since I am pretty sure that all 4 of the starters on Wisconsin are of Jewish heritage. Don't get me wrong, I am rooting for Wisconsin to win. But it's absolutely hilarious that you blame "the Jews" as a group for destroying our racial awareness whilst unconsciously...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    Thanks for the article. I can see Kaminsky and Dekker having successful NBA careers, and likely a couple other guys claiming their "birth right" and continuing their basketball careers in Israel.
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    Jalen Rose's Hatred for Duke

    Jalen Rose clearly hates Duke and there might be some racism involved with his hatred. If you look at the "Uncle Tom" comments, Rose probably sees well-mannered, hard-working, humble, respectful, polite Black People as "uncle Toms". If that is the case, the majority of the Blacks who play for...
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    Wow seeing that cover just gave me a really warm, fuzzy feeling. Great to see our athletes succeeding on the World's Biggest Stage and proving wrong all the racists and doubters. Hopefully the nearly universal success of white football players and teams in recent years is finally going...
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    2010 Chicago Bears

    He sees the Bears as having the worst receivers out of any of those teams, and figures to have the best chance to make it in Chicago. Of course we all know he should have signed with the Patriots.