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    2022 NFL Week 4

    The Dolphins are a rotten organization from top to bottom. From their crooked Jew owner right on down to their coaching staff. Corrupt and anti-white to the core, even going back to the Shula days. I hope for Tua's sake, I hope he isn't seriously injured. Never mind football, I'm more...
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    2022 Miami Dolphins

    The GM isn't really even the problem. He's actually not as anti-white as some of the ones we've had in the past. We had some real stinkers these last few years (Ireland, Hickey, Tannenbaum) that were totally anti-white to the point to where Ryan Tannehill was being protected by a 5/5 sumo...
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    NFL Team Write-Ups

    Did the Dolphins
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    2022 Miami Dolphins

    Looks like the only white starters this year are Liam Eichenberg, Connor Williams and Mike Gesicki. Andrew Van Ginkel and Zach Sieler are nice rotational pieces on defense but don't have the required melanin to be starters. Van Ginkel has been demoted in favor of afflete Elandon Roberts. Same...
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    2022 NFL Week 2

    I've made my feelings known about Tua before. I've never really put him in that quotaback group. To me he's kind of in a 3rd group much like Jim Plunkett and Mark Sanchez and is in sort of that Manny Pacquiao-esque category of a non-white athlete I don't mind rooting for. I thought he showed...
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    2023 NFL Draft

    I hope some more white QB's other than Levis shoot up the draft boards. I shudder to think of a draft class that has Stroud, Young, and Richardson as top picks. That Arkansas quotaback is another one to keep an eye on.
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    2022 NFL Week One

    A River Cracraft sighting. Glad to see him elevated from the practice squad. I thought he had strong showing during the preseason. Hope he can get involved.
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    2022 NFL Week One

    Wow, Mayfield looks like **** so far. I hope he can get things going
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    2022 NFL Week One

    When will these coaches learn that going the sumo route is a good way to get your QB killed. The Dolphins have been doing this for the last 20 years now. New England used to have studs on their line. What happened?
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    2022 NFL Week One

    Elandon Roberts starting over Andrew Van Ginkel? pfffft! But yeah, only the best players play.
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    2022 NFL Week One

    Miami's offensive line still sucks. Too many crappy sumos. It's a crime Liam Eichenberg isn't playing right tackle. He doesn't have those magical 'orangutan' arms.
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    Miami Dolphins General Thread

    The writing was on the wall that Shula would eventually become a caste cuck when he started a 3/5 sumo O-line on the 1984 Super Bowl team. Most O-lines in 1984 from what I remember were almost exclusively white. Most Dolphin fans don't have a favorable view of Jimmy Johnson but I actually like...
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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Perhaps my favorite Dolphins player of all time. Dude was absolutely insane (both on and off the football field) and I loved him for it. One of my favorite moments of him as a Dolphin was when his dad posted on Finheaven (DWF Dolphins message board) and ripped that baby sumo Jonathan Martin to...
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    Why Do So Many Posters Not Post?

    With me I post mainly during the football season. I don't follow basketball. Hockey doesn't really have that much racial politics, and baseball's problem is the promotion of Marxist values (Jackie Robinson black worship, Cleveland Indians name change, moving the all star game out of Atlanta)...
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    2022 NFL Draft

    I hope the Colts take Malik and finally get their quotaback.