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    Robert Helenius vs Dereck Chisora on Dec 3

    I have it 3-2 for Robert.
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    Robert Helenius vs Dereck Chisora on Dec 3

    This is a good fight.One thing i would say about Chisora is that he appears alot tougher than the affletic heavys from the US which is making for a great fight.Roberts now starting to land some nice punches.
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    NFL Week 12

    They beat the Steelers earlier in the season.It has to be said that when they lost to the likes of Oakland their defense although good wasnt firing on all cylinders like it is now.Barwin has found his footing as an OLB and has something like 6 sks in his last 3 games.Watt is also getting more...
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    NFL Week 12

    Yates though a rookie should do well,he has talent and arm strength and unlike Gabbert and Mccoy he has good recievers to throw to.Barwin is having a huge game a potential breakout game at his new position.
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    Magomed Abdusalamov.

    I wonder why he's lost so much weight,he was still fast in the 250-260 range. 240 would be an ideal weight for him,but nonetheless he's become an alpha man in the ring and good to see him active.
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    A look at the 2012 Draft (defense only)

    Scott Smith will get drafted.Even for the majority of caste teams he has too much potential. Scott Solomon should get drafted.He's had a good year after injury and has the measurables with a 500 lb plus bench which is world class and 4.6 to 4.7 speed.It would be interesting to see his bench...
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    NFL Week 11

    It was good to see Cooper get the winning TD.i thought his career could be under threat with the Eagles but he's shown what he can do and the potential he has.Nelson is unplayable and has DBs outmatched.They cant make excuses,he's too good for them.Herzlich got playing time at MLB apparently...
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    Caste Matchups Week Twelve

    What i find confusing about behaviour in the Black community is that they HATE Whites with a passion.I can understand it from their perpective,historical injustices like slavery,percieved contemporary injustices and what their parents teach them all create a literal quagmire of dislike,mistrust...
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    NFL Week 11

    Thomas Keiser an undrafted DE from Stanford has a sack,he could be another defensive stud,Senn is also playing well but heres to hoping the Lions get it together and beat Cam. Nelson is quickly becoming unplayable and its not just his speed,but his balance which is a weak point for most...
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    2011 NFL Week 10

    Toby is the most screwed NFL player today,his inactivity is inexcusable.I think the coaches do want to use him more,the OC stated during the week that he plans to get him more involved i dont see why he would lie about that though they sometimes do but the main problem for Toby is the pervasive...
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    2011 NFL Week 10

    Even when Newton plays well he's not worth worrying about as yet because the one drawback for many quotabacks is consistancy and Newton will most likely be no different from the rest.Even guys like Young will put up good performances one week to sucking the next.The same with Vick.It takes...
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    UFC on Fox Sports

    Great seeing brown pride destroyed by the fists of Dos Santos.Some may doubt whether Dos Santos is White but looking at his facial features and hairline he's clearly White.Dos Santos has developed male pattern balding at a young age which is very common amongst caucasian men[white and Arab]and...
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    Tyson Fury

    It was an early stoppage and robbed a potentially exciting ending but Fury was on top at that point and would knocked him down again imo.Fury has good power which bailed him out but unless he gets a world class trainer he wont go much further.
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    Jordy is a reciever of exceptional talent making two 80 yd receptions to go along with a 60 yarder in his last 5 games.He could make them kind of plays everytime he's out there.Even though he's still under used i dont see any other reciever that is equal to him.His...
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    2011 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Mccoy could turn out to be another big time bust.To be this injury prone so early in his career dos'nt bode well,by comparison Justin Smith is playing his 11th season in the league and has'nt missed a game in years.