Sheffield Speaks

JB Cash

Feb 22, 2005
(6/23/07) Gary Sheffield recently waded into the "not enough blacks in baseball" controversy with a series of ignorant remarks that were generally ignored. The media reticence was probably motivated by the possible repercussions of getting in the middle of a war of words between America's two most aggrieved (and aggravating) minorities.

In an interview with GQ magazine Sheffield said:

"I called it years ago. What I called is that you're going to see more black faces, but there ain't no English going to be coming out... [It's about] being able to tell [Latin players] what to do â€â€￾- being able to control them.

"Where I'm from, you can't control us. You might get a guy to do it that way for a while because he wants to benefit, but in the end, he is going to go back to being who he is. And that's a person that you're going to talk to with respect, you're going to talk to like a man.

"These are the things my race demands. So, if you're equally good as this Latin player, guess who's going to get sent home? I know a lot of players that are home now can outplay a lot of these guys."


Before addressing the substance of what Sheffield says, let's take a look at the man himself. Gary Sheffield is one of those unfortunate examples of what happens when the Good Lord puts athletic talent in the body of a truly noxious person.

Among his many shortcomings Sheffield is a pathological liar. He has been linked to the steroids scandal in a manner that would have proven career ending for any white athlete. He has backtracked on his original story and even retracted testimony he gave a grand jury.

While testifying before a federal grand jury in San Francisco in 2000, when a prosecutor held up the testosterone-based steroid known as "the cream," supplied by BALCO, Sheffield was asked: "Do you know what this is?"

"Yeah, I do," Sheffield said.

"What did they tell you it was for?"

"My wounds," said Sheffield, who then rolled up his right pants leg to show a surgical scar on the outside of his knee. "It was like a cortisone to heal these wounds. I rubbed it on every night and it helped me."

Sheffield was a good friend of another drug cheat, Barry Bonds, and Bonds turned him onto his BALCO connection, of which Sheffield availed himself to the fullest extent, which included exams, urine samples, and eventually designer steroids in the form of creams. The idea that he did not know what he was taking is ludicrous, even allowing for how stupid Sheffield really is.

And he has changed his story, at first he would only admit that he was given substances that he had no idea contained illegal steroids. For you, me, and most of the rest of the world, a claim of ignorance would be no excuse from either a court or public opinion. Yet Sheffield has largely escaped any negatives from his actions and he continues to pull in millions of dollars in salary and reaps the benefits of the public worship that is heaped upon all professional athletes.

Now he has retracted his "confession." He says "When people sit here and say I didn't know I took steroids â€â€￾ I didn't take steroids," he said. "The bottom line is I put rubbing cream on my leg, and if somebody says that's steroids, that's a bunch of hogwash."

Sheffield is that peculiar kind of creature that is unable to discern between lies and truth, and since he never has to pay any kind of price for lying, why would it make a difference to him? Even though there is a record of testimony and evidence that he used steroids he still proclaims to all that will listen that he never did.

Compare his situation with that of Jason Giambi, his former Yankee teammate who has had to bear the brunt of the steroid controversy because he is the highest profile white athlete in baseball that can definitely be linked to steroids. Giambi, as a white player, is criticized relentlessly. Since Giambi has no race card to play he is easy pickings for the media vultures.

Giambi also admitted to a grand jury that he used creams containing steroids. Giambi however is unable to lie about it, so he has to pay the price in negative press and eventually official sanctions while Sheffield throws a wall of protection around himself by stridently denying that he ever did anything wrong. The media not wanting to "disrespect" a black man gives him a pass.

But there is much more. Sheffield is a cheater. As a player he has admitted that he would intentionally make errors while playing third base, purposely throwing the ball over the head of the first baseman. He did it to force the team to trade him. Apparently the millions he was making in Milwaukee was not enough for him so he wanted out and went about it in the manner one might expect of a child.

An admission of this type of intentional poor play should be something that would result in a player getting banned for life or at least fined or suspended. "Shoeless" Joe Jackson was kicked out of baseball forever from the 1919 Black Sox scandal for allegedly conspiring to lose the World Series. Yet Jackson made no errors and hit over .300 in the '19 Series. Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life over allegations he bet on baseball. There has never been any insinuation that Rose acted in a manner to disadvantage his team. Yet Rose is permanently out of the game, while Sheffield, who intentionally made mistakes that effected the outcome of games, is a revered superstar.

Sheffield has also had numerous run-ins with the law. He happens to be a relative of Dwight Gooden, who has had many problems of his own, and hung around him when he was coming up through the minors. While a minor leaguer he pleaded no contest to battery and resisting arrest during an incident involving Tampa police officers. Sheffield was also jailed on charges of driving while intoxicated, eluding police, and speeding.

Sheffield has also had other well-publicized incidents which attest to his true "character". He was the attempted victim of a blackmail tape in which someone tried to extort money from him with a videotape of Sheffield's wife having sex with another man and another woman. He has also scuffled with a fan during a Red Sox game and he frequently changes teams as he is generally a clubhouse cancer wherever he goes.

He has also many times admitted that he does not like baseball and only plays it for the money. This is the kind of guy millions of people pay to see, thousands idolize and a magazine like GQ interviews to get their opinion on important matters of the day.


The little criticism Sheffield has received for his remarks has mostly focused on them being insulting to hispanics by virtue of his opinion that hispanics can be "disrespected" while American blacks cannot.

This is another example of the lack of intelligence and/or courage of the media. For there is another, much more telling meaning behind the remarks that Sheffield made.

Sheffield says:

"......, you can't control us. You might get a guy to do it that way for a while because he wants to benefit, but in the end, he is going to go back to being who he is. And that's a person that you're going to talk to with respect, you're going to talk to like a man.

"These are the things my race demands."

There are only a few ways a person can acquire enough money to survive in this world. They can steal it, beg for it, or trade for it. In our world a man either gets his daily bread by taking it from another (robbery); begging for a handout (such as welfare); or trading his skill and labor for it (working). The prisons and welfare roles are full of black men that have opted for the first two methods of acquiring the necessary means of survival.

Working, which is the trading of ones labor for money, is by definition a surrender of control. A man wants you to do his work because he is unable or unwilling to do it, so he offers you money so that you will do it for him.

Thus Sheffield elucidates a fundamental flaw in the character of the black community in America and virtually no one has the guts to comment on it. Too many blacks consider work "disrespectful" and avoid it like the plague. Thus the black community suffers from high rates of unemployment and the problems that accompany joblessness.

White people approach the issue differently. Hard work is the hallmark of our culture. Productive labor is why Western society is the envy (and the target) of the rest of the world. Our rich societies were not built upon disrespect, they were built on the understanding that hard work has to be done and that is how you can get ahead â€â€￾ by being the one to do it, by making the sacrifice that is necessary.

And in some ways hispanics "get it" too. Many have a reputation for working. They are supposed to "do the work Americans won't." What that means is that they do not find any "disrespect" in working difficult jobs, doing what "the man" wants.

The fact that hispanics are willing to work where so many blacks see that work as "disrespectful" is why ignorant rich white people want to bring them into the country. They undoubtedly want those "hardworking" hispanics to replace blacks as the underclass in America.

Let it be understood though that hispanics are not especially a hard working group or else they would not have to come here, they could just build up the continent and a half they already populate. What we are seeing in America is just the "natural selection" of those members of that group that are so motivated that they would travel here to work.


Also missed in the Sheffield controversy was how his remarks should have focused attention on what is becoming a rapidly growing potential disaster in this country. That is the struggle for living space between blacks and hispanics.

The liberal media is loathe to make any non-white group identifications that are negative, hence the elephant that has been defecating in the room for some time is almost completely ignored. Yet in city after city across this country the black and hispanic communities are waging wars of attrition against each other.

This is a huge issue and it is almost completely ignored. Press and politicians are so deathly afraid of the fallout from controversy that they avoid the issue at all costs, and so it simmers away threatening to explode. It is almost guaranteed that large scale riots between blacks and hispanics will be a regular occurrence in US cities within a few years.

But high profile blacks and hispanics wish to maintain the charade as they remain dependent on white guilt for special benefits. Thus black leaders, nearly as useless to their people as white leaders, take pro illegal immigrant stances, using the long-out dated concept that anything that is anti-white is pro-black.

Meanwhile blacks and hispanics battle for turf and territory in many cities. Whites have refused to get into this struggle. They have the wherewithal and the desire to flee, and do so, stretching the suburban areas farther and farther from the non-white populations. As long as there is another lily-white suburb to run to white people will not complain. But blacks have neither the resources nor the temperament to abandon even the worst of inner city slums. This puts them in the direct path of the government permitted hispanic invasion of America.

Nowhere is this demographic shift more obvious then in California and large cities like Los Angeles. Traditionally black areas of the city such as Watts and in the city of Compton, famous as the birthplace of gangsta rap, are now majority latino

School systems that for years had been predominantly black are now predominantly hispanic and that change has led to racially motivated violence. In the last few years widespread fighting between hispanics and african americans, required the presence of the police and the lockdown of several schools in Los Angeles County.

The change can also be seen in the reporting of hate crimes. Once upon a time whites were involved in the majority of cases concerning blacks and hispanics. Now among hate crimes reported by blacks over 70 percent of the identified suspects are hispanic and in anti-latino crimes, about 80 percent of the suspects are african american, according to a report by the county Commission on Human Relations.

California prisons have been turned into a battlefield between hispanics and blacks. Racially motivated attacks between the groups have resulted in multiple deaths and brought media attention to the friction between them.

It's not just on the baseball field that hispanics are replacing blacks. The high hispanic birth rate is having them replace blacks as the majority in schools. Hispanics are electing their own in politics so they are getting favorable treatment over blacks in government-controlled jobs and benefits. They are also pushing blacks out of the lower skilled work that many blacks depended on for their livelihood.

One would think that this level of tension between the groups would have lead to some severe criticism from hispanics concerning Sheffield's remarks. But such was not the case. Other then some white sportswriters writing from inside the fog that surrounds clueless white media members not much criticism was heard from anybody much less any hispanic players.

If you were wondering how Gary Sheffield's latin teammates would react to what Sheffield said in GQ? Well, how's this?

``I'm happy he said it,'' Carlos Guillen said. ``It's the truth.''

Pudge Rodriguez also said he had absolutely no problem with Sheffield, and walked across the clubhouse and put his arm around Sheffield just to prove it.

Perhaps it's unrealistic to expect millionaire ballplayers to express the anger felt by their lesser-endowed group members. But how long before the tension that is dividing American cities is felt in professional sports?

That is one of the many issues brought into light by Sheffield's comments. Issues like the black refusal to understand the employer-employee relationship and it's effect on the social structure in America. A chance at some frank discussion of these issues was derailed by the chilling censorship that accompanies any honest discussion of race in America.

Someday in the not too distant future blacks and hispanics will not be so publicly chummy. America may eventually be a battleground. Will white America be on the sidelines or in the middle? And will the media be brave enough to discuss those issues when tensions are even worse?


Hall of Famer
Feb 6, 2005
JB Cash said:
If you were wondering how Gary Sheffield's latin teammates would react to what Sheffield said in GQ? Well, how's this?

``I'm happy he said it,'' Carlos Guillen said. ``It's the truth.''

Pudge Rodriguez also said he had absolutely no problem with Sheffield, and walked across the clubhouse and put his arm around Sheffield just to prove it.

Another excellent article written by the best Sports Writer in the country. I must admit to being puzzled by the comments of Rodriguez and Guillen.Very peculiar. Iwould think one of them would have punched Gary in the mouth. I guess theBlacks and Browns share a sort of kinship with each other.Both groups are not shy about attacking White players.

Don Wassall

Staff member
Sep 30, 2004
If Sheffield was white the enmity and hate directed toward him by the media and fans would be far greater than what McGwire and Giambi have faced, not to downplay the hell they're being put through, which in McGwire's case may last the rest of his life for a man who was always aware of the sport's history and of his duty to be the best role model for children and fans that he could be.

Sheffield was rarely interested in those types of obligations. Brushes with the law, conflicts with teammates, eventual unhappiness on whatever teamnervously took a chance on him, and overweaning selfishness and ingratitude are Sheffield's main character traits, not to mention possessing a rather large dollop of anti-white racism, for which he of course always gets a pass, Negroes being incapable of racism according to the "white" lords and masters of Cultural Marxism aka political correctness. If my memory is accurate, Sheffield admitted to first deliberately making errors while he was in the minors, and then continued the unconscionable practice while with the Milwaukee Brewers. The day after he admitted what he had done he should have been barred for life from baseball. Yet here the graceless thug is, some 20 years later, still playing the victim card, hurling accusations of racism against a race that, if it possessed even a small amount of the character and righteousness that it had in abundance before the Cultural Marxists turned our values upside down, would have shown Sheffield what real white righteousness and justice is all about. Edited by: Don Wassall


What a stale script, personally I'm not impressed nor should anyone else regardless of how or who propigates this crap of the last few decades, a lie is a lie. We should start by asking of these gimps the tough questions that will take apart their liberal assumptions.
Oct 16, 2004
Latinos? Work? Sports? The reason so many latinos are in MLB is because they can't find enough blacks in the US to replace whites. It's also part of the social conditioning going on. A substantial majority of the latrinos could be replaced by whites right now if MLB weren't just flooding the league and looking the other way on drug use whenever possible. If MLB can look the other way when it comes to non-white drug use, it will as best it can. This goes for blacks, hispanics and black hispanics. Even with Sheffield and Bonds caught red-handed nothing happens. Giambi wasn't extended the same courtesies was he? If MLB has no choice they'll of course suspend a non-white. The Bonds situation is ridiculous with the countdown to the "Record" and everything else. As cruel as it sounds, I wish he'd step into the batter's box and have a coronary when the pitcher is beginning his windup. That's what Selig and his cohort of Nation (and sports) wreckers deserve.

Good column, but "hispanics" are given far too much credit when "work" is listed as the reason for them making the trek North. It's the Standard of Living in the US that brings them here. Work? The unemployment rate begins to soar among "latinos" after they've been in the US for 5 years. The children of these people are showing rapidly growing unemployment rates that threaten to rival that of blacks in the not to distant future. Their welfare dependence has just about equaled that of blacks and their reliance on other social programs has already equaled or exceeded that of blacks depending on the program. Jose can come to what's left of America, find under the table work AND various social safety nets to help him out. He and Marta can have a kid, the kid's automatically a citizen (which shouldn't be the case if the 14th Amendment were followed correctly). Thus, now they have welfare, WIC, food stamps and more. Even if they are married, they say they aren't. Here comes Section 8, housing vouchers (so Tio Sam can more quickly move them into your neighborhood).

One disgusting program here in Los Angeles is the "free lunch / free breakfast" program which is even more out of control than it was when blacks were the majority of the beneficiaries. Anyone with an "hispanic" name gets a calendar from the School District. The days/dates on the calendar are coupons that can be removed and used by these poor hard working children of poor hardworking criminals. Apparently "any hispanic" is key here, as no one investigates who's really using the program. Besides children of illegals and illegals period, middle class and wealthy latrinos are also getting the coupons. By wealthy and middle class it generally means the politicians and city workers in LA, etc. Just to make sure whites are fully subsidizing their planned replacements in all areas of course. These people and other non-whites are being allowed into the US because they are no threat to topple the elites. Lowbrow hispanics happy with bottom level jobs and social services. East Asians and Indians to maintain any technical infrastructure although advancement will slow down due to their inarguable deficit in creativity and invention in comparison to whites. The whites left are stuck in the middle of the competing groups and held up as the party to blame for any problems the non-whites have. All the better for the folks running the show as no one can pay attention to their robbing and pillaging.

Oh well, off on another rant that I'd better shut down. I guess I went off because being in L.A. allows you to see what's really going on when it comes to latinos. Their "work ethic" is vastly overrated by the media. Compared to American blacks they have a good work ethic, and that's what promoted. It's just never openly stated. Maybe I should just say "blacks" because hispanic blacks and Haitians and others have shown rather averse reactions to most forms of work beyond sports, entertainment and criminal enterprises.

JB Cash

Feb 22, 2005
I certainly don't disagree with anything the Colonel says above. I believe I qualified my comments about "hard working" hispanics as it relates to ones that come here to work.

And it certainly seems some of them are coming here to work. In my area blacks are content to hang out by the party store drinking out of brown bags while the hispanics line up for work and I see them everywhere cutting grass, doing construction, etc.

I know that the working ones just represent the tip of the iceberg and anyway one only need look south of the border to see what the end result will be.

At any rate Sheffields comments should have inspired some discussion along these lines but I have not heard anyone in the MSM covering it that way. Has anyone else?

C Darwin

Mar 29, 2006
New York
JB Cash said:
At any rate Sheffields comments should have inspired some discussion along these lines but I have not heard anyone in the MSM covering it that way. Has anyone else?
ESPN's Outside The Lines had a discussion between a Hispanic reporter and a black reporter on what Sheffield had said. The Hispanic went so far as to say that the comment was racist. The black reporter quickly disagreed saying that everybody needs to understand Sheffield's background and unique point of view. Then I puked.


Nov 2, 2004
Gary is the ultimate maggot and ingrate in Baseball.

Today Gary declares that Joe Torre is a racist and treated blacks shabbily. From the same Gary who enjoyed kid-glove treatment from the White Little League, and magnificent salaries as a professional. Torre is the consummate MLB manager, and plays players as appropriate per their performance and service to the team.

Gary's usual hate-filled illogical rants here:

[url] ov=ap&type=lgns[/url]

And before I forget: An EXCELLENT article, Mr. J. B. Cash! Well Done! Very refreshing, sickening the story of Mr. Sheffield deliberately screwing up in the field to effect a team wanting to trade him elsewhere.Edited by: Realgeorge


Jul 27, 2005
United States
Not the first such black malcontent who's been allowed to nag Whitey and get away with it,and won't be the last. From Jackie Robinson,Clemente,Maury Wills,Vic Power,Dick Allen,and many others,all the way up to today.

As long as the Zionists/Khazars continue to make big money from their non-White attack dogs.

Jim Goad "Fun Facts about Slavery"
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