Bob Huggins takes a million dollar hair cut!

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Feb 16, 2006
I have never been a fan of Huggins as he is exactly what turns me off of sleazy head coaches in college large revenue sports. Huggins referred to Xavier fans as fa**ots on the air and the board or regents forced good old Bob to take a 1 million dollar pay cut and his contract is now a year to year deal with zero tolerance for future slip ups.

Poor Bob he went into the board meeting a stallion and is now a gelding...


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Jul 20, 2018
Haha bet Bob wishes there was still Freedom of Speech around.


Sep 19, 2012
not Brooklyn
Ha, no tears shed for Bob, who at age 69 is basically year-to-year anyway. That is a mind-boggling amount of money to lose over this episode.

I listened to the audio: they were joking about Xavier not taking WVU transfer players. The insinuation was that Xavier, a Catholic school, acts high and mighty because of it. The radio host brings up a big inflatable penis that was apparently thrown from the fan section onto the court during their game last year, which prompted Huggins to say "it must have been some of those Catholic ****," his joke being that actual homosexuals couldn't be Catholic. It really wasn't malicious and didn't refer directly to Catholics or to Xavier. Imagine being stripped of a million dollars over this.

Funny enough, the president of WVU is Gordon Gee. He had a similar fiasco over a lame "anti-Catholic" joke in 2012.

In December 2012 Gee made offensive anti-Catholic statements. Gee said that the University of Notre Dame should not be added to the Big Ten:

"I negotiated with them during my first term and the fathers are holy on Sunday and they're holy hell on the rest of the week. You just can't trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or Friday."
On March 11, 2013, Ohio State University trustees sent Gee a letter complaining that he had embarrassed the school with his comments. The anti-defamation chair of the Ancient Order of Hibernians responded with shock that it took six months for Gee to apologize, saying that "this delayed action smacks of damage control for the media, rather than a sincere effort to address a bigoted insult to Catholics."
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