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Jun 26, 2007
i couldnt believe it when i saw th epost below

I believe that Ohio State James Lauranitis will be a bust in the NFL. I think he is slow, undersized, and weak at the point of contact. Many of you out there doubted me when I said Vernon Gholston would be a bust out of Ohio State. So far I am right. I mean think about it. Look at all the players drafted off of the "outstanding" Ohio State defenses from the past 3 or 4 years. Who has panned out?

Bobby Carpenter can not get on the field in Dallas after being a first round pick in 2006.

Vernon Gholston was the #6 pick in 2008, and then was benched the majority of the season.

A.J. Hawk has been average at best, which is a disappointment because he was the 5th overall pick in 2006.

Quinn Pitcwiener retired after 1 NFL season.

Ashton Youboty is deactivated almost every Sunday by Buffalo (and I believe he was a RFA this year and was not even tendered)

Donte Whitner might be the best of the bunch, yet he still has not lived up to his draft status, #8 overall in 2006.

As a matter of fact, since the 2002 draft, only 1 out of the 25 Ohio State defensive players drafted in that time period has ever made a Pro Bowl (DE Will Smith from the Saints who was drafted in the first round in 2004).

I am telling you all heed my warning right now regarding Lauranitis. I understand he has a lot of hype due to Ohio State playing in two out of the past three national championship games, playing on national television almost every week, and the hype that he is the son of former professional wrestler "Animal" of the famous tag team "the Road Warriors" (or the Legion of Doom). Lauranitis has bust written all over him.

this was posted at another board i go to fighting the good fight as i always try to do

so what arguements can i use as you guys are sooo good with the facts

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Mar 18, 2007
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To be fair he is not only putting down white athletes but black ones as well.Lauranitis should be successful in the NFL granted he gets to play on a team that will use him. Hopefully he won't end up on Jacksonville or Detroit.


Mar 23, 2009
I would say that he is not racist at all, just against Ohio State players. That is a conceivable argument, but he is still DEAD wrong. Laurinaitus is almost as fast as the "speedy" runningbacks on pro day, and is just as much of an animal as his father. It is a stupid argument this guy has, but not racist if you ask me. Edited by: StarWars


Mar 2, 2007
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It's a fact, Ohio St. players have been sub-par compared to the hype, but it's dumb to say that all the next player coming from ohio st. will be bust because of this.