4 Examples of Government, media, and law enforcement censorship to appear "non-racist"

Dec 7, 2011
Calgary, Canada
I mainly only post on this site, but occasionally I post infrequently on a site called boxrec.com, it is a boxing site, (I rarely post, I only have like 100 posts in 2 years) and mainstream. I posted the below on that site. Im sure that we all here are aware of these censorships and biases, but it never hurts to jog our memory:

"""It's amazing that here in the West (USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, etc.) we often think of ourselves as being more democratic and free than other peoples. Censorship is something that we think only exists in China and the former Soviet Union. But actually, the truth is when you dig a little deeper, you'll find we have plenty of censorship right here in the West and plenty of subjects that are no go areas within popular culture. Here are 4 very recent examples of censorship by either the Government, media, or law enforcement so as to appear politically correct and non-racist:

1) Black-on-white murder in the USA. Since the 1960's the vast majority (80%+) perpetrators of interracial crime in the USA have been black and typically, over 90% of interracial murders in the USA involve a black murdering a white. These are statistical truths that you never see the media discuss or mention, and moreover even their coverage doesn't seem to represent that reality. Numerically, there are something like 1500 instances of blacks murdering whites in the USA per year (in case you were wondering, the reverse, as in whites murdering blacks is less than 150 per year) and what's interesting is that not a single one of these has actually been covered in the mainstream national media in years. Instead, the media has chosen to focus on white cops killing black youths, when statistically, the reverse situation of a black killing a white is incredibly more common.

Indeed, there is a very clear and apparent censorship with regard to the media in the USA reporting Black-on-White murder, or Black-on-White rape whichboth happen at an extremely high frequency, yet the national media has a policy of not reporting these interracial crimes. This is censorship.

Please see this source which substantiates the above numbers (The Color of Crime was first released in 2005, this is a revised 2016 issue so the numbers are more current): http://www.colorofcrime.com/2016/03/the ... d-edition/

2) The Rotherham Horror, or Muslim-on-White sexual abuse. This was a documented case of South Asian Muslim men, mainly from Pakistan, sexually abusing, molesting, humiliating, enslaving, or allegedly raping over 1000 White English girls in the area of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. These sexual crimes were carried out by South Asian gangs over a period of several years, and what's interesting is that the Government and Police failed to notify the media or public about the crimes because they were sensitive to the racial nature of the crimes, specifically, they didn't want to appear as racists or offend the Muslim community. Currently, the police force and government in Rotherham, England have literally admitted that they refused to advise the public about the crimes and attempted to cover up the situation due to the racial profile (South Asian men sexually humiliating White women).

Source: http://humanevents.com/2014/08/27/the-rotherham-horror/

3) Cologne NYE rapes. This past year during the New Years Eve celebrations in Cologne, Germany, literally hundreds of rapes and sexual attacks were reported and all of the reports featured White women describing "Middle Eastern or North African men" as the assailants. Law enforcement immediately began a policy of censorship and coverup due to the racial nature of the crime, and has subsequently admitted to doing so, but eventually had to disclose the truth because of the number of cases. Attempted coverup to appear non racist.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year% ... in_Germany

4) Bataclan Masscare of 2015. Alleged Islamic terrorists stormed a theater in France, and killed over 80 hostages. This attack happened many months ago, but only now in the past few days, news reports have emerged that the French Government, and French police were witholding information about the crimes, so as to appear non-racist. Specifically, the information that they were withholding is that the terrorists alledgedly mutilated the genitals of the French men and women. One French woman reportedly had her vagina and reproductive organs "ripped out" and disemboweled. Another man had his testicles put in hos mouth. This information being withheld, which amounts to a national policy of censorship, was carried out to appear non-racist and appease the liberals. Many of the French victims also had their eyes ripped or gouged out. All of this information was censored by the government, law enforcement, and press due to the racial nature of the crimes. This information is disturbing and offensive but the government and media censoring it in an attempted coverup is even more disturbing. Needless to say the government and media have a duty of reporting facts and being impartial."""
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Feb 23, 2013
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There are hundreds -thousands?- of examples everyday. How do I know this? Search through the abundant ranks of blogs that report daily occurrences, that comment on events, or that analyse common facts and you'll see just what is true and what is omitted. Media narrative is often a fantasy of false and fictitious pablum. We often learn more about events that have occurred within our borders from news reports outside our borders.


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Jun 22, 2011
great examples, but it doesn't feel like the word censorship is appropriate in these cases
in some cases, especially in france, there are true examples of censorship
but most of the time, it's more of a "taboo" thing
take your first example: black on white murder in the US is not censored since the data is available to all (in france however similar data is censored)
it's just that the media doesn't talk about it, or any politician or personality

there are similar things like that in france too, things that you should be able to talk about according to the law, but that are so taboo that it never is even mentioned

it's a very interesting thing when nobody talks about something even though they should have the right to do so