2019 Auburn Tigers


Mar 16, 2013
Writing about most SEC teams is like stepping into a pile of you know what just as you step outside.

Through the years the white starters have generally hovered around 4 to 6. According to my source there is only one white starter for this year.


OT- Jack Driscoll

The QB situation is competitive. Black Joey Greenwood looks like he won the job for now but prized recruit Bo Nix is waiting in the wings. Cord Sandberg is a 24 year old red shirt freshman who foolishly thought he could succeed in baseball. He joins a cast of thousand white wanna be baseball players who would have been better off sticking to football. He has 4.5 speed and of course is athletic.

There are some promising white LBs buried beyond the two deep including speedy Josh Marsh but they are all long shots for this season and perhaps will never emerge. We can only hope.

Sal Cannella is listed as a WR at 6'5" 232. Should see the field more this being his senior season. Impressive athlete.

And of course WR Will Hastings is coming back from an ACL tear where he missed all of last season. I think he is close to his previous form. Hastings is that rare sight. A white SEC WR pulling away from SEC backs with his blazing speed.

If Hastings and Cannella figure prominently Auburn will be a team to follow.

And that QB situation is not fully settled so Nix or Sandberg could emerge during the season?

One of those teams that could drift into caste hell or offer enough bright spots to engage.


Oct 31, 2009
Freshman QB Bo Nix Won the Starting job for the Opener Aug. 31st vs. Oregon

Hoping speedy WR Will Hastings will bounce back & blow the top off!@

Sal Cannella is an interesting player. Black belt with heavy metal locks ; makes acrobatic TD catches ; then disappears.

LOL ;) SAME TIME Referendum!! Was typing when your post popped up!

Red Raider

Jul 23, 2017
Everything I’ve seen indicates Will Hastings starting this year, Gus Malzahn even said he believes Hastings will play in the NFL next year. If he can top 500+ yards again that will be big!