1. DixieDestroyer

    RIP Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

    Pro wrestling legend Bobby "The Brain" Heenan lost his battle with cancer on Sunday. Know best as a "heel" manager in the WWF, he also wrestled (at times) earlier in his career. Known for his lightning quick wit, Heenan was a "heat machine" who helped 'get over' the many wrestlers he managed...
  2. DixieDestroyer

    RIP Ivan Koloff & George Steel

    Last week was a sad one in the world of professional wrestling with the deaths of legends "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff (Oreal Perras) at 74 & George "The Animal" Steel (Jim Meyers) at 79. :-( Perras (aka "Koloff") was was of 10 siblings raised on a dairy farm in Ottawa Canada. He wrestled...