1. DixieDestroyer

    NFL Rolls Out Male Dancers

    Promoting f@990try via the myth of “gender equality”, the cultmarx NFL introduces ‘male’ dancers/cheerleaders. Yet another reason to boycott the Negr0id Felons League.
  2. DixieDestroyer

    Starsux Forces Employees to Watch Anti-White Propaganda

    To hell with the world largest public toilet...aka Starsux!
  3. DixieDestroyer

    ScAmazon's "Black Amerika"

    More revisionist, "alternative" cultmarx propaganda from the vile reprobates at "scAmazon".
  4. DixieDestroyer

    Mass Zombification of the Sheep

    Average "American" (2.0) ingests 10 hours & 39 minutes of 'media' daily (mostly via MSM & Hellyweird). If that's not a steady intake of propaganda, I don't know what is.