1. DixieDestroyer

    New Year’s Disgrace

    Libertine limeys re-stage Sodom & Gommorah in New Year’s Eve (as usual). The scantily clad “birds” dressed (& acting) like harlots & in full racial treason mode. The “men” staggering about like inebriated imbeciles. This drunken debauchery is yet another example of the downward spiral of the...
  2. Rebajlo

    English Premier League 2017-2018

    Here's the official thread for the new season... It's just past 2AM here in Australia, so I'll break down the first two matches of this opening round then head off to bed. Hopefully, I'll post the rest some time tomorrow. Arsenal 4 Leicester City 3 ARSENAL: Started: 4 Whites (1 Englishman)...