1. DixieDestroyer

    “Songbird” Juan McAmnasty

    Here’s some good news with Bill Mitchell calling out gutless traitor “Juan McAmnasty” for his betrayal of fellow POWs in Vietnam. Our pal Werewolf had previously posted some good intel on the Saigon Songbird. McAmnasty has been a vile traitor to the Republic for decades & is a complete...
  2. DixieDestroyer

    Georgia's Gutless Governor

    I've been meaning to drum up a thread about this yellow neocon/RINO Governor we have down here in Georgia. First, Nathan (Raw)Deal shafts conservatives by vetoing a stand for decency & against depravity. Now co-opt'd craven "Gaythan (Raw)Deal" vetoes a campus carry bill that would allow GA...