White Advantage: Spacial Cognition

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    Sep 27, 2004
    by J. B. Cash
    White Athletic Advantage: Spacial Cognition

    If one reviews the various professional sports and those positions where white athletes dominate it is possible to find a common link that I propose is due to a unique genetic quality of the white race which I have named: SPACIAL COGNITION. (Note that SPACIAL is used in place of SPATIAL as "spatial cognition" has other widely used meanings.)

    The hypothesis is as follows. Native Europeans and their descendants have evolved a highly specialized skill that is apparent in their athletic abilities as well as in other aspects of life. This skill, which I have labeled SPACIAL COGNITION, can be defined as follows: the ability to correctly calculate and predict, to a high degree, the movement of objects through space and time.

    To test this theory we can look at several professional sports. Let's begin with football (American). A highly developed ability in SPACIAL COGNITION would lead one to expect that white athletes would excel in the two areas where the object (a football) is sent moving through space and time. This would be in throwing and kicking the football.

    Do whites seem to have an advantage in throwing the football? Of course! And not just an advantage but a domination in that regard. Nearly all quarterbacks in the NFL are white in a league where virtually all other positions are majority black.

    Furthermore those few black QBs that do succeed are generally of the type that are considered running quarterbacks, such as Michael Vick, Duante Culpepper, and Donovan McNabb. Typically their chief ability in throwing the football is considered to be their "cannon arms." Thus they are known for the strength of their throwing arms rather than accuracy.

    On the other hand white QBs are famous for their ability to exercise "touch" on their throws. Men like Payton Manning, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, etc., are known for dropping passes 40 yards downfield into the hands of streaking receivers with two defenders close by. I could name many other white QBs with this skill, hundreds in fact. From Joe Montana to Johnny Unitas, from Bart Starr to Dan Marino. The list is endless.

    What about the other football SPACIAL COGNITION skill: kicking. This is even more white dominated. Kicking, which is the ability to strike the football with the foot so as to direct it a great distance through the air, taking into account wind and weather, and placing it at certain height and direction so that it passes through the goalposts, is an activity exclusively mastered by white players. In the NFL place-kickers are as white as cornerbacks are black.

    How about another sport such as basketball. In basketball the movement of the object (the ball) through space and time is the very essence of the game. But the most difficult of tasks in the sport involving the highest level of SPACIAL COGNITION is in free throw and three-point shooting accuracy. How do white athletes do in this regard? Incredibly well, considering their minority status. The NBA for example is 80% black with each team averaging only one or two white players in the regular rotation. And what is the result? White players typically have as their specialty the ability to shoot three-point baskets and are often the most accurate in free throws

    In the 2004-'05 season, Peja Stojakovic and Steve Nash finished one-two in free throw shooting percentage. So far this year the top five free throw shooters in the league are white. For three-point percentage, last year three of the top five were white and to this date in the current season six out of the top ten are white. This is typical, as white players have for years been over-represented in these categories as a percentage of their population in the league.

    What about the sport of baseball? This is a slam-dunk for white advantage in the crucial area of SPACIAL COGNITION. The primary area where this skill is manifested is in pitching. Baseball pitching is perhaps the most critical sports activity where SPACIAL COGNITION is important.

    A pitcher must stand 60 feet and 6 inches from home plate and then throw the baseball, usually at a high velocity, at a target about 12 inches wide and about 3 feet high. Over and over again. That white players dominate here is not even debatable. In the long history of baseball virtually all of the top pitchers are white. Except for a small handful of non-whites that pop up once in a while, whites are still unmatched in this crucial ability.

    When non-whites are used as pitchers they are rarely "finesse" pitchers, the name given to pitchers that have good "control," which is just another way of saying good SPACIAL COGNITION. Usually non-white pitchers just rear back and throw using brute strength to compensate for their reduced SPACIAL COGNITION ability.

    The white propensity for superior SPACIAL COGNITION skills manifests itself in many other sports. In golf, out of the top couple hundred players in the world, virtually all of them are white. The lone exceptions, Tiger Woods, who is approximately one-fourth black and half Asian, and Vijay Singh, of Asian ancestry, make the case that perhaps Asians my have good SPACIAL COGNITION skills also. And true to that assertion Asians are sometimes good baseball pitchers. SPACIAL COGNITION is crucial in golf as the game provides the largest amount of distance calculation in sports.

    Tennis, which is a more time (speed) dependent activity, is also highly dominated by whites. The women's game is dominated by Slavs. The few black players such as the Williams sisters, are, once again, good not so much due to their pure skill at the game but more so because of brute strength.

    In other activities the SPACIAL COGNITION skills of whites illustrate the reason for their dominance in those areas. Pistol, rifle, and bow shooting, and even more recreational activities such as bowling and darts, all showcase the superior white skill at SPACIAL COGNITION.

    And as expected the SPACIAL COGNITION skill of whites is apparent in other areas of life. White people it seems are so enamored of their great skill in this area that it practically defines our existence. We have forever hurled this or that a certain distance with accuracy being a key. At first it was rocks catapulted over the walls of fortresses. Then it was bullets, cannon balls, field artillery, howitzers, mortars, torpedoes, surface to air missiles, inter-continental-ballistic missiles, rockets to the moon, probes to the planets and beyond.

    The white propensity for SPACIAL COGNITION drove not one man but two, Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, to come up with a special kind of mathematics just so as to be able to properly understand it: calculus.

    Isaac Newton, who may have been the most intelligent man that ever lived, turned the study of objects, motion, and time into a science. That science has redefined the world around us and is the primary reason we have left the savage ways of primitive life behind.

    The explanation for black dominance in a given athletic category is universally credited to a matter of genetics. But whenever white athletes are dominant in a certain aspect of a sport it is attributed merely to their hard work or else to non-interest on the part of blacks.

    In a previous article (Sailing Off Course, Part I), I ridiculed Steve Sailer's hypothesis that a trait he has named "real-time responsiveness" was the reason blacks seemed to perform better in a few sports. Although I am still skeptical, it was at the very least an attempt to explain an anomaly that seemed to contradict the law of averages.

    For that same reason the anomalies as cited in this article can be explained as a genetic advantage possessed by whites. This is my theory of SPACIAL COGNITION which I have no doubt will be borne out by further research on the matter.
  2. Colonel_Reb

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    Jan 9, 2005
    The Deep South
    Another great article JB! I like the use of the term Spacial Cognition as well. Keep up the good work.
  3. Kaptain

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    Nov 25, 2004
    Also seems like a good name for the ability to see the entire field, court, rink etc and predict the developing play. This can be seen in the white dominance of passing in every sport - not just as a physical skill, but also as a mental skill. You need not look any further than the NBA to see the white dominance in the skill of passing from John Stockton to Steve Nash and throughout the entire history of basketball.
    White quarterbacks will always dominate because of this ability as well. But, did you ever notice how white wide recievers, when given the chance, always seem to perform and find ways to get open? Maybe they just see and predict the play on the field better. After years of watching sports and white athletes, I am convinced of this ability. An ability that can't be enhanced in the weight room or by steroids. Our people are just born with it and that will never change.
  4. JB Cash

    JB Cash Newbie

    Feb 22, 2005
    Thank you Colonel.

    Kaptain, you are entirely correct in you assertions. I had thought of adding the points you have made to the article as they flow naturally from the main thesis.

    However it was my intent to let the matter sit and see what else may be added to the discussion by other learned people such as yourself.

    I believe that one of the points you made was especially valid, firstly that white players are excellent passers, as exhibited in basketball and as exemplified by the players you mentioned.

    In fact a whole discussion could center around this point. Note that in the all-white sport of hockey passing is so important that an assist is recognized as the equal of a goal! This is most certainly unusual in nearly all other sports but highlights the special value placed on the skill of passing and it's importance to our culture.

    I have also noticed that black kids seem to be much poorer passers in basketball then white kids.

    However I omitted the preceding points because there is a large amount of socialization involved in these finer details and also it is easy to cite some black basketball players that are/were good passers.

    I did not want those exceptions to muddy the basic idea of SPACIAL COGNITION which I believe is nearly wholly genetic and is probably emphasized by culture but not created by it.
  5. GWTJ

    GWTJ Mentor

    Jul 21, 2005
    New Jersey
    Tremendous article J.B. It is much tougher to put into words what Spacial Cognition is than to say what speed is. I for one have always been accurate in anything I throw. My son is the same way. My friends and I have always had contests involving accuracy. In front of my house is what was once a well. It is covered by a big piece of slate that has a small hole in the middle of it. The hole has about a 2 inch diameter. The challenge is to hold a small rock or pebble and drop it into the hole. You have to have your arm held straight out and at shoulder height. You have to judge where the rock is in relation to the hole. From an arms length away you have to judge if the rock is directly over the hole.

    J.B., your article just made me realize that what I was doing was challenging my Spacial Cognition. This silly little game was forcing me to be accurate using a different release point and different perception.

    Why do I bring this up? Because everyone who I have shown this game to(white males) have to try it. I have had plumbers, cable guys, moving guys and even state inspectors get hooked on this game. At first they are intrigued by it and give it a try. I then hand them a couple of rocks and they try some more. If they still haven't dropped the rock into the hole yet they are picking up their own rocks and nobody leaves until they drop a rock into the hole. Once when my kitchen was being remodeled the three carpenters played the game on their lunch.

    So, if this game is any indication, not only are whites good at Spacial Cognition, we enjoy activities where Spacial Cognition is involved.
  6. White_Savage

    White_Savage Mentor

    May 20, 2005
    Dear JB:

    On the subject of "cannon arms", I think it important to point out that Whites also dominate the athletic throws of all sorts of objects for distance, which makes sense with the generally greater White strength in the torso and upper body. However, as the NFL is rapidly demonstrating, "cannon arms" are less important than accuracy and brains in throwing, so that is why you see the best White QBs being more known for these traits.

    (The White men with the traits to be the best at pure throwing power are probably mostly linemen.)
  7. JB Cash

    JB Cash Newbie

    Feb 22, 2005
    GWTJ: very good anecdotal evidence on the subject! I think your story illustrates the point perfectly.

    I'm sure there are many of us that have spent countless hours at similar activities with friends or relatives. It is part of our culture and defines who we are.

    White_Savage: you are correct that cannon arms are more likely to be found on white players then on any other race. Brett Favre has a tremendously strong arm as do most other top QB's. Certainly the fastest pitchers are white players that throw over 100MPH.

    I did not mean to insinutate that whites are not strong throwers. It is just that our SPACIAL COGNITION skills are so great that *some* players can excel as QB's and pitchers without great arm strength. On the other hand it is almost unheard of to have a black player that plays merely because he is "accurate".
  8. Bart

    Bart Hall of Famer

    Feb 6, 2005

    Yes,and during the entire decade of the seventies, no blacks won a free throw title, all being won by Rick Barry (8) and Ernie Di Gregorio(2), who also were fabulous passers and great shooters from long range! Pete Maravich was a dazzling passer who could shoot from long range.

    Larry Bird was also a great passer, who won free throw titles and shot three pointers at a high percentage. Magic Johnson was known for being able to pass, but was a very shooter at three point range.

    Many big white men excelled at passing the ball. Alvan Adams, Walton, Mikan, Cowens, Bird, Barry, Kukoc and even the rookie Andrew Bogut. It seems that the best passers and distance shootersof players near 7' or more are white men. Is there a black equivalent to Dirk Nowitzke or even Kukoc? Bill Laimbeer was a good passer, very good outside shooter and was excellent at thecharity stripe.

    Calvin Murphy was very good at the line but was relatively short. It appears the best tall free throw shooters are white men. Some of the worst tall free throw shooters are blacks like O'Neil and Chamberlain.

    Edited by: Bart
  9. Realistic

    Realistic Newbie

    Nov 7, 2005

    I think you are on to something and I think there is a way to get some
    empirical proof but I'm not sure the powers that be would let anyone
    look at the data.

    You mentioned rifle shooting. The military teaches everyone to
    shoot a rifle. Unlike in past years where people grew up on farms
    and shot rifles from a young age not that many people go into the
    military with a high level of expertise in rifle shooting. The
    military also is selective in who they admit based on IQ so you could
    eliminate IQ as a variable. They also keep meticulous
    records. It would be easy enough to compare white and black
    recruits scores on the rifle range and see if there is a difference if
    anyone could get access to the data.

    I know you have your disagreements with Steve Sailer (and I do too) but
    this is the kind of statistical analyis he could really run with if he
    could get the data.
  10. screamingeagle

    screamingeagle Mentor

    Oct 24, 2005
    In the military the term for spacial cognition is "Situational awareness" This is the ability to keep track of numerious moving objects. The better you are at this the stronger your ability to control the situation. the better the situational awareness the more accurate your shots or throws will be. A good example of this is in a dogfight over Vietnam. An American pilot has just shot down aNorth Vietnamese aircraft. Robin Olds congradulated him! The Pilot saw that Olds was below him at his four o"clock pursuing another aircraft. Olds was able track two dogfight at once!

    Another term is OODA. This means Observe, Orient, Decision, and Action. This is the command loop. If you can complete these actions quicker than your opponent, you win. This is true in Sports and war. Example, Mcnabb in the closing moments of the Super Bowl. He was not tire, the NE defense was withing his OODA loop.
  11. screamingeagle

    screamingeagle Mentor

    Oct 24, 2005
    Another example of Spacial Cognition is auto racing. Note that auto racing has never been popular with minorities. Many minorities are mechanics and drivers yet they never formed seperate-but-equal racing leagues when they had the chance. The interest is not there.

    Note that Danica Patrick alone led more laps at Indy that any black man.

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