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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by Carolina Speed, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Carolina Speed

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Earlier today it was reported on ESPNS' "wrong take" that Philadelphia Eagles OFF. COORD., Marty Mornhinweg is comparing M. Vick to Steve Young and that MV has a chance to be better than S. Young. Once again instead of listing the many accomplishments of S. Young, Rob Parker andSkip Spineless spoke negatively about Youngs' shortcomings, which I didn't realize he had many, while gloating over Vicks' arm and running ability. Never mentioning Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Famer and all-time stats, doesn't compare not even close!

    Skip Spineless went on to sayYoung didn't "get it"the drop back passingability until age 33, um excuse me Skip he had 5 years of over a 100% passer rating by age 33!

    S. Young, W/L 102-55, 65%, 96.8 Pass Rtg., 33,124yds. pass., 232TD/107INT., 4,239yds. rush, 6.0/carry
    2/3 Super Bowl Rings, Hall of Famer, no felony convictions.

    M. Vick,W/L 40-31, 56%, 80.2 Pass Rtg., 14,609yds. pass., 93TD/58INT., 4,630yds, rush, 7.0/carry
    1 felony conviction!

    Is there a need for any comparisons at this point in M. Vicks careercompared to Steve Young? Not even close, but he does have a strong arm and runs better. BTW, the yds/carry will probably drop over the rest of Vicks career also, so theres not that much difference in their running ability. Vick will obviously end up with more attempts.
  2. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    I'm sure they didn't mention that Steve Youngwassmart enough and motivatedenough to goto law school and earned a law degree, while Vick's IQ is likely below 90. Nor does the vast gulf in abilitybetween the two in Young's favor when it comes to speakingEnglish well indicate any possible advantage for Young. After all, intelligence has nothing to do with playing quarterback. [​IMG]Edited by: Don Wassall
  3. whiteathlete33

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    Mar 18, 2007
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    Young is the best qb ever! Period! I know many on this site think Manning or Brady are better but check the stats.
  4. Bart

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    Feb 6, 2005
    Wrong take is a perfect description.

    What is the matter with those disgusting clowns? Steve won 6 passing titles! Vick has won how many? ZERO! He absolutely destroys Vick in every meaningful stat when it comes to throwing the ball. Not even close.

    Young was a great runner too.
  5. Paleocon

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    This sounds like a conscious attempt to revise history. Age 33 was not when Young's career took off; that was his peak year statistically. It was the highest QB rating of his career (as a regular starter) and his fourth 100.0+ rating in a row. In fact, Young had more 100.0+ ratings prior to age 33 than after.

    Apparently the ESPN dorks forgot to mention that Young's development was stunted because he was Joe Montana's back-up until age 31. Young (supposedly) took long to progress because he didn't play regularly and once he became the 49ers starter he never had a bad season. Vick has been the starter every year except one, yet showed no signs of progression until this past season.

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