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    Jul 30, 2007
    Here is a list of all of the top White recruits for 2008 from rivals.com, by position and the school they are attending. Rankings seem to be determined more by position then by talent level.

    5 stars
    Kyle Rudolph (TE): Notre Dame (Top tight end)
    Baker Steinkuhler (G): Nebraska
    Brendan Beal (LB): Florida
    Dayne Crist (QB): Notre Dame
    Blake Ayles (TE): USC
    Matt Kalil (OT): USC
    Matt Patchan (OT): Has not committed (offers from Florida, Florida State, Miami, Georgia, and LSU)
    Lucas Nix (OT): Pittsburgh
    J.B. Shugarts (OT): Oklahoma
    Matt Meyer (OT): USC

    4 Stars
    Blake Meyer (K): Florida (Top kicker)
    Stephen Good (G): Oklahoma
    David DeCastro (C): Stanford
    Jon Major (LB): Colorado
    Blaine Gabbert (QB): Missouri
    Garrett Goebel (DT): Ohio State
    Austin Holt (TE): BYU
    Ben Habern (C): Oklahoma
    Mike Yancich (LB): Penn State
    Andrew Luck (QB): Stanford
    Andrew Sweat (LB): Ohio State
    Landry Jones (QB): Oklahoma
    Jacob Stoneburner (TE): Ohio State
    Trevor Robinson (G): Notre Dame
    Anthony McDonald (LB: Notre Dame
    Nolan Brewster (S): Texas
    Tommy Dorman (QB): Texas A&M
    Lane Clelland (G): Notre Dame
    Kyle Mangan (LB): Texas A&M
    Nick Crissman (QB): UCLA
    Andrew Jones (TE): Missouri
    Michael Zordich (LB): Penn State
    Mike Glennon (QB): North Carolina State
    Tyler Westphal (TE): Wisconsin
    Tyler Love (OT): Alabama
    Dalton Freeman (G): Has not committed (offers from South Carolina, Clemson, Colorado, Florida State, Penn State, and Tennessee)
    Michael Mauti (LB): Penn State
    Dan McCarthy (S): Notre Dame
    Sean Renfree (QB): Has not committed (offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Nebraska, Oregon State, Stanford, and Georgia Tech)

    To be continued

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  2. Deadlift

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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    I'll let you know a few things.

    J.B. Shugarts and Matt Meyer are 4 stars, not 5. And, Shugarts is an Ohio State commit.

    Stephen Good is 5 stars, not 4.

    Your 5 star list is missing OT Michael Brewster, an Ohio State commit.

    Austin Holt, Kyle Mangan and Michael Mauti are 3 stars, not 4.

    G Dalton Freeman just committed to Clemson.

    And, if you want me to name several 4 star player's so you can put their name in the Rivals prospect search and instantly see them for yourself (if you weren't aware of them), just ask!!

    Because, I don't know if you're still searching for 4 star player's or not. I have most of them memorized and most of them have already verbaled.

    Surprise, most of the player's missing from your 4 star list are O-Line, with a few TE's and a few DL mixed in.
  3. gsm1988

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    Jul 30, 2007
    4 Stars (continued)
    Matt Branch (TE): LSU
    Bryce Givens (OT): Colorado
    Matt Stankiewitch (OT): Penn State
    Will Compton (LB): Nebraska
    Tyler Edwards (TE): No commitment (offers from LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Miami (FL), Florida, and Nebraska)
    Barrett Jones (OT): Alabama
    Kurt Wermers (G): Michigan
    Chase Clement (DE): LSU
    Kyle Parker (QB): Clemson
    Hubie Graham (TE): Illinois
    Dan O'Neill (OT): Michigan
    Sean Cwynar (DT): Notre Dame
    Kyle Prater (LB): LSU
    Spencer Ladner (TE): California
    R.J. Mattes (OT): No commitment (offers from Clemson, North Carolina, NC State, South Carolina, and Virginia)
    Dan Hoch (OT): Nebraska
    Tanner Hawkinson (TE): Kansas
    Sausin Shakerin (RB): Utah
    Luke Poehlmann (OT): Texas
    Aaron Douglas (TE): Tennessee
    Art Forst (OT): Rutgers
    Tyler Rigsbee (OT): California
    Zach Schlink (OT): Arizona State
    Graham Pocic (OT): Illinois
    Mark Buchanan (OT): Texas
    Patrick Neumann (OT): Boston College
    Elliott Mealer (OT): Michigan
    John Goodman (WR): Notre Dame
    Cody Bruns (WR): Washington
    Matt Furstenberg (TE): Maryland
    Kenny Plue (OT): Purdue
    Jacob Bower (QB): No commitment (offers from Hawaii and Kansas State)
    Kyle Staudt (OT): No commitment
    Nick Paden (LB): No commitment
    Wade Weibert (OT): Kansas State
    Jason Donnal (G): No commitment
    Shaun Mohler (LB): Colorado
    Tyson Lee (QB): No commitment
    Ryan Glazer (DT): No commitment (Offer from Kansas)
    Matt Moss (DE): Texas A&M

    3 Stars
    Kellen Theriot (FB): LSU (top rated fullback)
    Braxston Cave (C): Notre Dame
    Douglas Spacht (C): Fresno State
    Ben Bartholomew (FB): Tennessee
    Ben Jones (C): Georgia
    Dominic Galas (C): Oregon State
    Alec Johnson (C): San Diego State
    Eric Kuraczea (C): Connecticut
    Evan Epstein (C): No commitment (offers from Army, Navy, North Texas, Rice, UNLV, and UTEP)
    Sam Maresh (LB): Minnesota
    Sean Fisher (LB): Nebraska
    Patrick Larimore (LB): UCLA
    Brett Nagel (LB): No commitment (offers from Boston College, Colorado, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, Stanford, and Vanderbilt)
    Braden Hanson (QB): North Carolina
    Kevin Zeitler (G): Wisconsin
    Byron Hout (LB): Boise State
    Kyler Reed (LB): Nebraska
    Jacob Charest (QB): Illinois
    Andrew Brewer (G): Purdue
    Austin Johnson (LB): Tennessee
    T.J. Pridemore (LB): Georgia Tech
    Taylor Cook (QB): Miami (FL)
    Ben Cotton (TE): Nebraska
    Tony Wilson (LB): Oregon State
    Steve Gardiner (LB): no commitment (offers from Pitt, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Northwestern, and Indiana)
    Riley Dodge (QB): North Texas
    Jayme Comer (LB): No commitment (offers from Air Force, Army, Illinois State, and Wyoming)
    Brandon Marti (LB): Miami (FL)
    John Weinke (QB): Iowa
    Tyler Hoover (TE): Michigan State
    Zander Fabbri (LB): Arizona
    Beau Sweeney (QB): California
    Nic DiLillo (TE): Ohio State
    Michael Golic (G): Notre Dame
    Bradly Roussel (LB): Washington
    Casey Kelly (QB): No commitment (offers from Alabama, Arizona State, North Carolina, Oregon, and Tennessee)
    Chris Carlino (LB): Purdue
    David Posluszny (LB): Notre Dame
    Kevin Prince (QB): Washington
    Ryan Deehan (TE): Colorado
    David Kruger (DT): Utah
    Jim Youngblood (QB): Arkansas
    Nick Plato (TE): Kansas
    A.J. Wallerstein (G): Air Force
    Ted Stachitas (QB): Wake Forest
    Ryan Wallace (TE): Louisville
    Jimmy Bennett (OT): Connecticut
    Scott Vallone (DT): Rutgers
    Jeremy Longo (DE): Georgia
    Scott Betros (LB): Wake Forest
    Jake Johnson (LB): Virginia Tech
    Michael Taylor (LB): Wisconsin
    Nathan Stanley (QB): no commitment (offers from Kansas State and Oklahoma State)
    Peter Konz (OT): Wisconsin
    Logan Pegram (G): No commitment (offer from Colorado State)
    Bo Walters (LB): Mississippi State
    Daniel Franklin (LB): Oklahoma
    Cody Spano (QB): Oklahoma State
    Cooper Bassett (TE): Oklahoma State
    Jake Current (OT): Wisconsin
    Brock Fitzhenry (CB): Texas
    Jeff Baca (G): UCLA
    Cameron Meredith (DE): Nebraska
    David Blair (LB): UNLV
    Kale Pick (QB): Kansas
    Bryce Ros (TE): Georgia
    Andrew Sampson (G): Arizona State
    Joey Fowler (DE): Texas Tech
    Drew Schaefer (OT): Washington
    Drew McCallister (S): USC
    Tito Sunseri (QB): Pitt
    Travis Tannahill (TE): Kansas State
    Trevor Sands (OT): Illinois
    Cody Davis (S): Texas Tech
    Nick Green (QB): No commitment (offers from Air Force, Army, Northern Arizona, and Portland State)
    Nick Adamle (OT): Northwestern
    Matt Sanders (G): Clemson
    Brendon Kay (QB): Cincinnati
  4. gsm1988

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    Jul 30, 2007
    Thanks for that. I don't know how I missed Michael Brewster.
  5. Deadlift

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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    Well, thanks for adding some guys that I wasn't aware of.

    BTW, John Michael Boswell, Clay Spencer, Nick Cody, Nathan Williams, Matt Hall, Jonathan Meyers, Tyler Wilson and Sam McGuffie--are missing from your 4 star list.
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    Jan 19, 2007
    UGA recruit/Ware County OL Ben Jones is a beast. He should be a 4 or 5 star player. He absolutely man-handled a ton of black "superstar" D-linemen at Scout.com Elite camp last summer. Have a looksee & enjoy the domination![​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Nov 15, 2007
  8. DixieDestroyer

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    Jan 19, 2007
  9. backrow

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    Oct 23, 2005
    wow! Ben Jones, huh!

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