Obama Pushes For More Diversity

Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by foobar75, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. foobar75

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    Jul 29, 2008
    The value of a college education continues to shrink. Expect more minorities and women to make up an even higher number of the enrollment numbers going forward while earning useless degrees and acquiring large amounts of student loan debt. They will then move back with mom & dad because there are no jobs (or crap jobs at best) for those sociology and west african studies degrees.

    We need more and more diversity, at any cost. Merit and excellence be damned.

  2. waterbed

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Outside North America
    Diversity,positive discrimation and positive racism etc. is a creation of very binair anti white thinking.In practise they expect whites to be everywhere exact the same or less then % in society.I say or less, becuase when whites are less then you never here about it or it is praced .In holand it is even said openly non western autochtones( in practsie non whites) should be at least 12 % very show on tv, which is what they are exactly in society.How can you expect a group( whites) to be always less or exactly the % in society.Even if you think that that you only adapt skin colour to environment you still know that 10 times coin flip isn't always 5 times head or less, and if you think cultural is all non genetic llike a big bang you still know, culture influence what you like and would influence % of the particulir ethnic group on the workfloor.So the reason whites could naturally be sometimes overrepresendent can be very multi causal, but when it is about whites a lot of people think it is a legitimation to be very unnuanced and to think very binair.

    Postive racism even pushes whites to mistrust a non white on the workfloor, sometimes unneeded, becuase you never know in the beginning of that non white, if he is there for quality or becuase they are non white.Im sure positive racism creates environment for more racism also against non whites.
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    Oct 7, 2009
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    Part of the disregard for merit is the silly notion that mere diversity enriches education. Supposedly being black, gay, or female gives a person a unique and valuable perspective on stuff like Plato's Republic. Using the example of Plato, this means 75% of the class discussion will center around the elements of gender equality expressed in the Republic while the central point of creating a society in which the wise will rule gets ignored (unless someone notices the eugenic elements...Oh no, Nazis!). Anyway, never in my college career was my education enriched by diversity. If I wanted to learn from my peers I would start a philosophy/politics/history discussion group and not pay the tens of thousands of Federal Reserve notes that a college education costs.

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